an easy school keepsake book idea

keepsake book

So our 1st grade year just started and I am going to be totally honest here.  With the crazy busy summer, I opened my son’s kindergarten backpack the night before school started.  As if I wasn’t already stressed out trying to get it together for first grade, here are PILES and PILES of papers from all the cool things he did.

I had so many hopes of making all these crafty books when he started Kinder….I even created a Pinterest board thinking I was on it.  Well at times Pinterest seems like a virtual reality world!  Everything seems so pretty and doable…yup I did nothing.

So I am sitting there staring at the PILES and PILES of paper, art project, school pictures.  I can’t just trash it all or that mommy guilt would kick in.  I definitely don’t have time to make a fancy pinterest DIY book.  Then I realize Shutterfly does school memory books now!

It’s as easy as it looks.  Just take pictures of all the artwork and even their papers you want to keep.  Our school uses Shutterfly sites so all the pictures from the events are posted online.  You can even let Shutterfly do the spread for you or you make it yourself.  They even have suggested layouts you can do.  As a bonus they always have some type of coupon you can use.

I finished the book in like 30 minutes once I got all my pictures done and now I have no pile of papers. Only this cute little memory book which my son LOVES to look at.

So this year for first grade, I just created a folder on my Shutterfly acct for 1st grade.  That way by the end of the end of the year I just have to pull the book together.

keepsake book


keepsake book

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