from a stay at home momma to a work from home momma

My friend Steph and I have a lot in common. We are yoga teachers, have 2 kids and love the work from home lifestyle to allow for the flexibility of being a momma. When I went from dentist to online business as work, I was awarded the ability to be with my kids whenever I needed to be, so I jived with her story and thought about starting to get paid to do surveys online, that I could easily do while at home with my kids!

Of course, there are multiple ways to stay at home and make money like a mother. One of our other friends has her own website and sells products online. Whilst it can be difficult to build your own website and business, using clickfunnels, for example, can help to grow the brand quickly. Apparently, it helps to get more customers to purchase from your website! Her business is only just beginning. Her career is busy, but as she is her own manager, she still has time for her kids. Working from home, or for yourself, does have its benefits!

No matter what kind of business you run from home, you will need to make sure you have a private workspace in which you can concentrate without distractions. Plus, ensuring that the workplace is cleaned regularly is your responsibility. If you work for a company, this may not be something that people would have to think about, especially as it is easy for them to sign up for a free trial and hire professional cleaners. But for people working from home, doing the cleaning lies in your hands. Plus, a clean environment may increase productivity. Saying this though, having limited space in the home might make the idea of setting up a work station a little difficult. With this being said, one option may be an office shed, which will also help you to create more of a divide between your home and work life.

My other friend Steph consults for Beautycounter. When she told me about her new work, I thought of how much it could resonate with many of you…so here, she shares her journey on how she went from a stay at home momma to a work from home momma.

Words By Stephanie Zito:

The dilemma…

It wasn’t on my radar, specifically, to join a direct retail company. But of recent, here was my dilemma (maybe you can relate):

I’m (mostly) a stay at home mom to two littles. They keep my life full and busy. But, there’s a part of me that feels good, really good, being “out there” in the world earning some income for our family, being around other adults doing adult things, and being of service through my talents and passions.

Before the second little entered the world, I was active in my business as a life coach and yoga teacher. And things got real when I had a childcare situation fall through, the reality that clients and classes don’t stop because a babysitter can’t show, or because a child is sick, or because it is summer. It was getting challenging to work and mom and be fully present and not drop some balls.


My ideal situation: Work I could do that was creative, fun, meaningful and I could do with my kids around.

That scenario I truly desired was just on the back burner when I ran into an old friend.

When my opportunity found me…

Michelle and I used to surf together. When I ran into her recently, she was pregnant with her first child and looking radiant. I asked her what she was up to and she said she was consulting for a company, Beautycounter, whose mission was getting safe products in everyone’s hands.

My ears perked up. It was summer and I was test driving various sunscreens without harmful ingredients for myself and the kids. Some left us super white from the zinc and others were super sticky, and I wasn’t quite satisfied.

So Michelle and I sat down over coffee a few days later. She showed me some products, told me a bit more about the company, and sent me home with some samples to try.

The touch and feel of the products immediately drew me in.

Then it hit me…

My friend has talked about joining Beautycounter so that she could work from home and be around her newborn when she arrived.

That totally resonated with me. It started to keep me up at night. It just made sense that I could do this too. And looking at the low point of entry ($85 for a year of website and marketing materials) and legit compensation plan (25-35% plus +) on my own sales, it seemed like a no brainer.

I took some time to think about it, but I was already in.

There’s nothing complicated about earning money with Beautycounter. The compensation plan is transparent. I make as much as the time I put into the business.

And it’s doable and fun. For me, personally, I enjoy being part of a bigger mission to help people learn how to read labels, be aware of regulations, and make choices toward safer and nontoxic products (skin care and otherwise).

If you’ve considered direct retail as a means of also getting a little more adult time and a little or a lot of income for your family, this business model is totally on point right now for moms. More moms are turning this direction because some do want to earn income and be with their kids, or want to work for themselves, so to speak.

Here are some tips if you want to earn income and be with your kids through direct retail…

  • Love what you are representing. I love that Beautycounter has a mission to get safer products into everyone’s hands. When I talk to someone, I actually really care about affecting change, one by one, on what we know we are putting on our bodies. If you care about what you represent, it’s easy to share it. It’s authentic.
  • Research the compensation plan in your company. Talk to someone who’s made it toward an upper tier in the company and ask them how they got there.
  • Be prepared for personal growth. The education I’ve received so far is invaluable. If you want to be an entrepreneur, joining direct retail is a great place to start. The website is done for you. The customer service, manufacturing, shipping, etc is done for you. The business education is laid out for you. The support network of real people who have succeeded by following the business model are there for you. That’s what I would look for, as that’s what I’ve found. Everything I learn here I will apply to future ventures.
  • There are no overnight millionaires. (Correct me if I am wrong, lottery winners, ok). Any venture takes some time. It takes some work. It doesn’t have to be hard. I can chose to work a little and pay for a couple art and ballet classes, or work a bit more and eventually bring in a salary that covers even more for our family. It’s up to me.
  • It takes time. Be willing to be grow your business over time and grow a team. The key here is time and consistent daily action.
  • You will be a role model. And lastly, the part that warmed my heart most was when I went into my 5 year old girl’s room the other day and I saw a paper with some drawings and the word “Beautycounter” on it. She said she was making a Kids’ Beautycounter where we’d make soaps to sell. Then at a Moms’ Marketplace, she gathered with some other girls to make playdough critters to sell. My daughter is learning entrepreneurship by watching momma!

Raising a budding entrepreneur and being a role model for my daughter? THAT… is the biggest payback of all.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a consultant for Beautycounter, contact Steph through her website here.

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