Don’t forget about enjoying time at your local park

local park

Last Friday I had off from work for Veterans Day and I planned a trip to the zoo with my boys.  I got up super early to pack lunches, make sure I had water bottles, back packs, snacks…all the stuff that us moms over pack for trips with the kids 🙂

We had a blast there.  My older one took a notepad to write down as many animals as he could see and my younger one loved counting each time we added one.  After 4 hours of walking around, the kids were pooped!  You know that moment where you realize you need to not be in public anymore or else it’s about to get ugly?  Every question you ask your kid ends up in the most dramatic meltdown.  So we exited.

On our walk back to the car, my 3 year old made a comment that kinda hit home.  Let me preface this comment by saying it’s coming from a 3 year old who woke up at 6 am and walked for about 4.5 hours in 85 degree weather.

“Mommy, I don’t like the zoo, it made me too tired.  Next time can we just go where there is a lot of grass and we can just play stuff?”

With both my husband and I working and travelling for work quite a bit, going to the park is almost a treat for the kids and sometimes we forget that.

“So why do we as parents try to fill our weekends with non stop activities when there is a park probably walking distance from the house?

We often forget the power of a park for kids.  They get to be free and breathe fresh air.  They get to play the way they want.  We can play sports as a family or watch them swing on the swings or get sand all over them.  That puts genuine smiles on their faces.  We can bring any snacks/food we want and just have it outside.  It gives not only the kids but parents a chance to meet other families in their area.

So last weekend that is just what we did…we went to our local park on a Saturday night.  It felt amazing.

It amazed me that even tired comments from a 3 year old can make you take a step back and enjoy the simple things in life.  So to all my busy parents out there with little ones..make time for playing at the park…it’s a chance for the whole family to relax.

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