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My good friend recently let me know about her kids’ blog (Tia and Talia’s Tasty Treats) and I love love love this idea of having kids in the kitchen.

I am a big believer in setting healthy patterns in the home to pass on to our kids. So if your kids see you munching on cheese doodles, then thats what they will find as their norm’. But if you grab an apple when you are on the go, then they may mimic that instead.

Getting your kids involved in cooking is even better. I have seen this first hand. When I make middle eastern food sometimes, I like to whip up a tahini greek yogurt sauce and my 4 year old daughter used to always say ‘no’ when would dish out the plates. Recently she has been all about helping in the kitchen and cooking. So I had her put the yogurt and tahini in the Vita-mix. I had her take apart parsley (and munch on some sprigs while at it). And then when we sat down to eat, she said, I’ll try some of the sauce and she did…and loved it. I was ecstatic! And this has been my new ‘trick.’

That’s why I adore Tia and Talia’s Tasty Treats. Tia and Talia are two sisters who saw a cooking show in YouTube one day and wanted to try it out themselves. They created (with the help of their dedicated and awesome mom) a cooking blog/vlog where they aim to help other kids learn to make (and eat!) organic, low-sugar, diet-sensitive, yummy snacks and desserts, that are not only easy to prepare and super tasty, but are actually good for you.

In these recent months of high sugar rush holiday cookies and treats, I found this so refreshing. And needed.

One of their recent recipes was gluten free coconut pumpkin muffins…amazing!!!

Our family eats lots of fresh, organic, whole foods and so we are totally in line with their love for learning about how healthy foods help their bodies.

They work with chefs and restaurants, both local and on their family travels, and it gives them a new perspective on eating healthy, allows them to learn (and teach others) awesome recipes along the way and they are both really just so cute to watch.

Plus, they are inspiring to their peers.

My daughter learns from other kids (we all probably see this in school as parents) so then why not have her watch and learn something about how eating healthy can still be deliciously fun, all while trying out new recipes with me so we can bond too!

I recommend this blog to all parents whose kids like cooking, are interesting in helping in the kitchen, and to families who, like me, find ways to make fresh, whole foods a part of daily living.

Check out their blog and subscribe to their YouTube channel so you can discover new recipes that are low-sugar (mommas- this means less crazy kids so it is a win-win), diet sensitive, paleo, vegetarian and vegan.




Keep up the good work girls…the Chai Mommas approve! 🙂


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