empowering book to say you are so much more than a princess

“Mommy, I want to be a princess.”

At 2, I used to find this endearing. The sweet way my daughter would sing “Let It Go” and believe that she was Elsa from Frozen herself, (no really, if someone said “wow you sound just like Elsa,” she would be confused and say “But I AM Elsa”).

Now as she approaches her 5th birthday, I find myself taking her princess aspirations more seriously.

“You have to wear high heels because that is how you will be pretty.”

I’m the mom who wears Toms shoes and chooses yoga-comfy style and au natural skin care with a quick bun over being decked out and done up makeup on a daily basis.

Of course when I dress up for something…she notices.

“Wow mommy.”

So when I put my heels on recently for an event and she said that…I was floored.

“You are pretty no matter what you wear, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

But even as I said this, it felt like I needed to do more to really get the message across.

The message that says my sweet child, you are so more than just a princess.

And since my daughter loves books, I decided to search for a book that I knew we could read and talk about at night. A quick Google search later, I found Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls. (I am not affiliated with this book in any way)

I had never heard of it and LOVED that it was a book of stories. It meant that each night, we could read one (or 2) and talk.

The hard cover book is written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo who both had created Timbuktu Magazine in 2011. The book focuses around 100 female heroes from around the whole world. These women are pharaohs, poets, bakers, activists, scientists, engineers, astronomers, drummers, even pirates and more. It is amazing. We just read about Frida Kahlo and my daughter who is her own budding artist is so inspired. There are even queens and princesses who were powerful women and their stories prove it.

Plus I feel like I am learning and getting inspired also! Each page also has a gorgeous illustrated photo of the hero alongside her story, some of whom I had never heard of.

There are so many extraordinary women that have shaped so much of our culture, history and world that often gets overlooked in traditional learning systems that I truly believe this book is a must have for any family, especially if you have a daughter. 



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