uplifting messages to keep the positivity flowing

Every single day there is news of the saddest, most frightening and heartbreaking events in our world, country and communities and everyday, regardless of what is happening, we have a choice of how to react and a choice to think of uplifting messages to keep the positivity flowing. It’s not easy – no one ever said that. But it’s essential, especially in these times, to keep thinking good thoughts, speaking good thoughts and writing good thoughts. They say you become what you think. I believe that. And I know that the news we are getting each and every day takes us into a real but really negative head space – but it’s news we need to know. Our reaction – that’s our choice too. It’s not easy to be uplifted and all when everything is peachy but when kids are dying in their classrooms and being decent and kind to our fellow humans is so hard, well it makes it hard to want to be uplifted. Today, my post was supposed to be the first of a series of spring fashion and must haves. But I couldn’t get that post going. I knew I had to take today to send just a little more positivity into our world than what we woke up to.

If we truly become what we think, then I truly encourage you to read these quotes, feel them and surround yourself in the positive. React to the crazy, frightening stories with less negativity and instead with more positive, impactful ways to make a true difference, and a longer lasting one.

Love and light,


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