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Lately I hate playing the “guess my age” game. I used to love it – because people would always guess way younger than I actually am. But recently, I’ve asked at beauty stores and both times, so disappointing. Now the women who guessed weren’t far off – one guessed that I was the oldest between myself and my two younger sister in laws. Fair enough, I am. And the another time, the beauty consultant actually guessed my exact age. That one hurt a little more. I still feel and my friends and family would agree, act, way younger than I truly am. I guess the inevitable is happening, I am ageing and it is showing, and it’s up to me to figure out how to accept it embrace. I’m still working on this. And I know it won’t be easy since I’ve always been complimented on my youthfulness and skin health. But the truth is, I used to take way better care of my skin and took more time for myself in terms of my morning and night time routines, getting facials and drinking enough water. I just don’t do it as much anymore – there are way too many steps, way too many excuses. I’ve been considering some of the treatments offered by this dermatology clinic, which are non-invasive and will give my skin a bit of a kick-start in becoming more youthful and refreshed. I think I probably will invest as the results look amazing, as well as revamping my skincare routine and making sure I’m consistent with it.

One common feedback that I always get from anyone who has analyzed my skin lately, is that it’s dehydrated. Not so much dry – but not as plump as it could be – and that has to do with moisture intake and application.

What I have been looking into and trying to combat the dehydration is pretty simple: increase my water intake by like A LOT and apply night masks regularly.

So drinking water is pretty simple – if you follow us on Instagram then you know we all love our alkaline water. As far as night time moisture masks – you actually sleep in them. And when you wake up, your skin is truly and noticeably more alive.

I have tried a few that are pricier – from samples. And have bought a few that are still really good but a better price point. All you do is apply a thin layer to a cleansed face and neck and then sleep in it. All the good stuff seeps into your skin as you rest and you awake to brighter, moisturized face. If you can’t do it every night, then do it every other but especially before an important event. It will help your makeup glide on so much easier. I am no makeup guru, but I will say that I notice that it looks so much better after I’ve done a mask the night before.

Here are the brands I have tried and loved:

Shiesedo Ibuki Sleeping Mask – pricier but this is so good. I forgot how good – I used this off and on for like a year and loved it. I don’t know how/WHY I stopped using it but this stuff is great.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask – sampled this and really liked it. lives up to the name and your skin literally soaks it all in. I’d buy it when I am out of my next mask.

This is an incredible Coenzyme Q10 mask that I love from my favorite Japanese market, Daiso. It comes in a three pack and is like 5 bucks. Incredible stuff. Similar one here.

And last but not least, I just picked this up at Ulta yesterday based on the friendly consultant’s advice. She suggested the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel (it’s $52 for the bigger size) but said that they had a super alternative that was a way better price and worked fabulously and had a very short ingredient list of good stuff called…

Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool. I was sold and bought it. Used it last night and I seriously love it. Skin feels so soft and I cannot wait to use it again tonight.


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