5 not your usual kid summer camps

So, the summer break is here and I am always trying to figure out what camps, activities, playdates etc. to do for my kids every summer. I did look at sending them to these summer sports camps in NY, but I don’t think they’re quite old enough for that. But I don’t want them glued to the TV or IPad/IPhone this summer. I want them to be out, enjoy the summer and go learn different things! I am looking for some not your usual camps that makes summer fun!

So every summer I try switching up the camps and activities because I feel that if they repeat the same ones each year it gets a little boring. Last year we did a lot of recreational program camps, where this year we are traveling a little more and only doing a few camps. Take a look at what we have planned and what we thought were some cool camps to join if we were not traveling or may do next summer!

Summer camp ideas:

  1. Sur La Table: has a confident cooking class for 5 days and they have different time options as well. It’s a 2-hour class and each day you learn something new. For e.g. knife skills one day, measuring skills, learn how to make pasta and sauces. I know it’s a little pricey but they have coupon codes for first time joiners. https://www.surlatable.com/category/cat500429/
  2. Sewing camps: my older daughter loves sewing and she does not want to take a break from her sewing classes in the summer, so I told her we ca continue the camps that they offer in the summertime! Look at the post I did on the benefits of sewing! You can google “sewing lessons/camps” for your area and find a local camp.
  3. Surf Camps: If your kids love the water and love to swim (which all of mine do), this would be an awesome camp! I want to put my kids in this camp next summer, this summer we have a lot going on!
  4. CampBiZSmart: This camp is not everywhere but next year I may take the kids to the bay area (that’s where I am from) and have them stay with grandma and try this camp out for a week! How cool is it for kids to learn to be entrepreneurs and learn to make business plans, and budget out their ideas or business they have in mind and produce it!
  5. Jam Camp: This camp is online and you name it they have it camp. They have all of these camps that are taught at your leisure. Build Anything with LEGO®, BricksInvent Your Own Machines ,Drawing Bootcamp, Animate Your Drawings, Host a Minecraft Video Show, Cook for Yourself, Become a Music Star. The best part is that they let you trial the class for 2 weeks first to see if your child enjoys it! I am looking forward doing this next year because its a great way for the kids to learn and enjoy at home!


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