turmeric tea brands to drink on the daily

It’s hot out here in sunny Southern California – makes for a perfectly fitting first day of summer (#finally) except that I still have a lingering cold that has only been truly helped with the 5 – 7 mugs of warm turmeric tea I have been guzzling on the daily.

I love all things turmeric. I have been taking it for a bit now – but it’s not always convenient to carry around the loose powder and sometimes, it’s just easier to literally swallow when you’re drinking something tasty like tea. Which brings me to my current four favorite turmeric teas.  I think pre packeted teas are a great way to introduce turmeric into your daily life if you’re not into drowning a spoon of the powder itself into a mug of warm water every morning. These blended teas are super tasty and give you so much of the power of turmeric plus added bonuses like tulsi (a plant known to heal colds) and ginger (so good for coughs).  I suggest drinking turmeric tea every day even when you’re not sick. It’s a super powerful spice and these teas make incorporating it into your lifestyle just that much easier.

Here are my four favorite turmeric tea brands:

Tulsi Turmeric Ginger – known as holy basil, tulsi is an ancient plant known to be able to treat colds and other respiratory issues. This one is super tasty because of the blend with tulsi.

Numi Organic Tea Tumeric Three Roots – this one is my favorite right now – I love the licorice and rose flavors in it. It’s subtle enough yet you can taste all the flavors and it really helped me get through my latest congested craziness.

Yogi Green Tea for Joint Comfort – this is a green tea blend but made with turmeric root that’s supposed to help ease the pain and discomfort from aching joints.

Rishi Organic Herbal Turmeric Ginger – this one is super fresh, a citrusy bright flavor that totally energizes. Tastes amazing. Love it in the mornings especially.











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