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janam maternity saris & beyond: a review

Let me tell you a story many of the South Asian mommas reading this can relate to…

I was at a good friend’s wedding about 6 months after having my second child. He’s Indian and they opted to do a traditional ceremony at a gorgeous park overlooking the mountains in Seattle. I didn’t want to wear a sari to deal with the hassle of wearing it and carrying my toddler or baby, so I thought I had the perfect Bollywood style outfit to wear….but it defintely wasn’t so perfect after all. Read on.

My second child was the one that didn’t do well with the bottle and we were exclusively breastfeeding. When it came time for his nap, since the ceremony was longer than expected, he of course wanted milk. And so I went into the bathroom, found a little area in the corner where there was a couch (luckily) and when I tried to pop open the blouse and feed him it wasn’t as easy as I wanted it to be. The stone work on the blouse was dangerous to keep his face, mouth and hands near, and there was so much going on with the outfit that I had to take off the WHOLE darn thing except the skirt. I had to fidget with the pins that went into my dulpatta scarf, unfasten the the blouse that was also fastened to my bra strap so it wouldn’t fall and the not to mention all the unraveling…it was just crazy. For the evening, I was wearing something that should have been easier as a two piece also… where I would technically not have to take it off… but the fabric was uncomfortable for the baby and again a random armpit zipper was not working out while nursing so I had to strip down again to nurse him.

When Parul Das of Janam Maternity Saris & Beyond approached us, we loved her brand and idea. After my traumatic experience (okay not so traumatic but definitely not fun!) I was on board with checking out her line to review for mommas who are pregnant or nursing and dread putting on their Indian gear.

She told us that the idea for maternity Indian apparel came to her when two of her best friends were pregnant and they were all bridesmaids for another friend’s wedding. She was helping her former college roommate get ready when it occurred to her that there is really no comfortable or flattering position to tie a petticoat when you are pregnant. She thought  “there must be a better way.” Then when she herself became pregnant and had to wear a sari for her own baby shower, she thought of it again. Thus, Janam Maternity Saris & Beyond was born.

The thing that is so amazing about her line is the detail and thought that went into each and every piece. Only a momma can think like a momma, you feel me?!

I tried out the halter nursing sari blouse and the two step sari (both patent pending). Here’s what I thought…

The blouse has buttons in the best spots that are secure and discrete, and the blouse is still fashionable and the best part? It’s so soft and silky. And you do not have to take it off. It’s like those bra nursing tanks except a beautiful sari blouse. I have seen some friends do that where they will wear a plain tank top with their choli suit bottom and while people always understand…doesn’t it feel good to be wearing a luxurious top when you are wearing a luxurious bottom piece? That’s what she does. It’s genius. You can get it at www.janammaternity.com as well as other maternity and nursing South Asian apparel plus customization. 

Then the two step sari is just perfect and easy to wear. There are ready made pleats and even a stretchy band for the prego mommas or for that postpartum give you may need. I have tried other types of saris that claim to be an easy step or two, but they really aren’t as easy as this one nor as comfortable. AND NO PETTICOAT needed. It is great for all ages, (I thought of my teenage niece who would love it!). I’m telling you, this line thought of everything.

Even the colors and styles are gorgeous and the quality can be seen in every stitch of fabric. This model below is in another color (aqua) that I just love also! Parul offers these saris via customization at www.twostepsari.com.

The word JANAM means “birth” or “creation” in Hindi, (root sanskrit is janma). After checking this line out, it is the perfect word to describe what Parul offers. The Chai Mommas are all about keeping tradition but making it accessible and easy for modern moms.

Comfort, style and the ability to nurse your baby is exactly what pregnant and postpartum mommas everywhere can jive with!



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  • Tulsi Naik

    Love this clever unique initiative to provide traditional Indian clothing for expectant and nursing moms. Very exciting! Very much appreciated. Thank you so much! 🙂

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