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Instant Pot Giveaway: Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizza Dough Recipe

Here comes recipe 2 of our Instant Pot Giveaway with Instapottin with Poonam! A pizza dough recipe that only takes a few minutes to prepare and we let Instant Pot do the rest.  Remember to do ALL 4 criteria in the giveaway to be eligible to win the pot.

If you want to learn a little bit more about Instapottin with Poonam and her amazing cooking skills, check out her intro our Very Veggie Pasta Post.

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All four of us at Chaimommas own an Instant Pot ourselves, so we know how handy it is for busy moms. That’s why we decided to share the ease of an instant Pot with one lucky winner! For your chance to win your own 6 Quart Instant Pot (and be able to make all of Poonam’s recipes) be sure to check out the details to enter below!

And if you are wondering what to make for dinner tonight, here’s the second of four Instant Pot Giveaway Recipes by Poonam exclusively for our blog. This Pizza Dough Recipe is quick, easy, nutritious and family friendly. Enjoy!

Instant Pot Giveaway: Pizza Dough Recipe
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2 Medium PIzzas
Ever have one of those days where you’re craving homemade pizza but you just don’t want to wait hours for the dough to rise? Well, no need to be upset because your InstantPot is here to save the day! With this hack, you’ll have the perfect pizza dough in less than an hour! Before you know it, you and your family will be devouring a delicious homemade pizza!
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • ¾ cups lukewarm water + extra to knead dough
  • 1 tablespoon yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • Your favorite pizza sauce
  • Your favorite pizza toppings
  • Cheese
  1. InstantPot should be OFF
  2. In a bowl or cup, mix lukewarm water, yeast and sugar-stir well
  3. Let yeast mixture sit for 2-3 minutes until bubbles start to form
  4. In a large mixing bowl, add flour, salt, oil and the yeast mixture
  5. Knead until a soft and sticky dough forms-you may need a little bit of extra water
  6. Take a little bit of oil on your hands and grease the dough
  7. Add oil to the InstantPot so that the dough does not stick while rising
  8. Place the dough in the InstantPot
  9. Close InstantPot lid to lock it
  10. Turn vent on the lid to CLOSE VENT to prevent air/steam from escaping
  11. Set pot to YOGURT mode
  12. Set timer to 30 minutes
  13. Once the timer goes off, open the lid and you will see the dough has doubled in size and risen
  14. You can now portion out your dough to roll it into your desired size of pizza
  15. Top with your favorite sauce and toppings, bake and enjoy!



VEGAN VARIATION: This pizza dough is vegan! Use your favorite vegan toppings to personalize your pizza.

NO ONION/NO GARLIC/JAIN VARIATION: This recipe uses no onions or garlic.

We recommend using a separate sealing ring when making sweet vs savory dishes.

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