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Recipe: Detoxifying Juices for the New Year

Happy 2018!! Some of you may have already taken the first steps with your new year’s resolutions, maybe you’ve already organized for fruit to be delivered to your office every day (such a great way to maintain a healthy diet, there’s a great guide on SnackNation to how to go about doing this if you want to too). My husband said the gym was packed this morning, so lots of you must be taking the leap into ensuring you have more exercise in your routine. And some of you may still be waking up – good morning…or good afternoon, depending on where you are! I think it’s safe to say that the holidays for the majority of us are a time for indulgences…enjoying that extra slice of cheesecake or festive cocktail. I sure did.

But as soon as January 1 hits, I like many of you, feel that I need to go ahead and detox a little, purify my insides. I have a few friends who are also detoxing as well, and they are always talking about an ionic foot detox, now I’ve never had one before, but maybe it’s something I should look into. Particularly as I am planning on detoxing this year. This isn’t just a resolution for the new year though – it’s a way of life really for me to eat in moderation and make healthy choices in general. But again, the days between the months of November and December make it hard for even the most disciplined person to stay in check.

So today I’m sharing two recipes for detoxifying juices that I know will help you either get through today if you had a little too much fun last night or help you purify after months of enjoying all those sugary sweets, drinks and extra helpings of delicious wintery dishes.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful new year,

Daily Morning Lemon Cleanse

You should try to start your day with warm lemon water everyday. This isn’t really a juice but it’s great for so many reasons. It helps your immune system because of the vitamin C and potassium found in lemons. Warm water plus lemons aid in digestion. The lemons help flush the toxins out of your digestive tract as well. The vitamin C in the lemons also keeps skin clearer and blemish free.

So all you need to do is take a mug of warm water and mix in the juice of half of a lemon. And drink it while it’s still warm.

This is too simple not to do. So this year, start off everyday with this “juice” and start off your new year right.

Green Detox Juice

lemon cleanse

green detox juice

Recipe Type: juice
Cuisine: american
Author: shraddha
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
Enjoy this fresh, detoxifying juice everyday. This recipe is made from ingredients that have natural detoxing properties. Spinach is full of antioxidants and helps rid the digestive tract of toxins, celery is a natural diuretic. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. And ginger aids in digestion. The apples are obviously healthy but in this recipe, give the juice just the right amount of natural sweetness. You’ll need to use a juicer to make a smoother juice consistency. If you don’t have one, turn the recipe into a smoothie by using a blender instead.
  • 1/2 bunch spinach
  • 1/2 lemon, peeled
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 2 apples (I use honeycrisp)
  • 1 inch slice of ginger
  1. To make juice, juice all ingredients in a juicer and pour into a tall glass.
  2. Serve immediately.
  3. To make a smoothie, chop apple and discard the core.
  4. Chop celery stalk.
  5. Peel and chop ginger.
  6. Zest and juice lemon.
  7. Blend all ingredients in blender on high and until smooth.
  8. You can add water or ice to help thin out the smoothie.


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