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10 Amazon must-have fashion finds for women


Spring is right around the corner…that is usually the time when people want to get rid of some old stuff and start fresh.  As our lives get busier, our days of going to the mall and just shopping around kinda fade away.  Yeah we have the weekends but shopping with a line of children behind you isn’t the best retail therapy ;)!

One strategy I am trying this summer is to buy some must haves then try to mix and match to make them more useful than one time wears.  It’s tough for me as I LOVE fashion.  I love putting outfits together and let’s not get started on shoes and purses but when we have last minute dinner plans and you find yourself standing in front of your closet thinking:

I have nothing to wear

I don’t feel comfortable in this anymore

I just wore this same shirt the last two times I went out


it kinda sucks.  Then you start stressing out to see when you can find 20 minutes between work and kids activities to run to the mall…KNOWING you are not gonna find what you want.

With my love for Amazon shopping and shopping for fashion….I thought this would be a perfect way to share my favorite must-have fashion finds for women.  If you find something you like, just click on the picture and it will take you right to the item…all about efficiency 🙂

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