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5 Best Summer Camps For Kids

5 best summer camps
I can’t believe there are only 3 months left in this school year! Summer is going to be here before we know it! Now is the time I figure out what camps or activities I will schedule for my kids to keep them busy and off the couch! Last year was all about the camps, and this year will likely be too. They’ve shown a lot of interest in the Brookwood Camp as some of their friends went last year and absolutely loved it! As my kids get older they are getting tired of attending the same camps every year. In doing my research I was able to come up with new ideas that I think that your kids and mine will love!

5 best summer camps

  1. Cooking Camp: My kids attended this camp last summer for the first time and are already asking to do it again! They were able to learn so many valuable skills and they could practice those skills with me at home. It was really nice having some help in the kitchen! Here are some camps that are hosted nationwide, and hopefully in your area: Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, and Whole foods.
  2. Sport Camp: These camps are great! They allow kids to be active, play outdoors, make new friends, and spend time with the sport they love! Here are few that we have attended: Nike Basketball Camp, soccer camps through San Diego Futsal, baseball camp, golf camp, surf camp, dance camp, and gymnastics.
  3. Tech/Engineer Camp: These camps are great for keeping the mind sharp! For kids who love technology and building things, like my son, this is the perfect choice! This is one of the new camps we will be trying out this summer. Here are some of the companies I researched that offer them:ID Tech, Digital Media, and Camp Invention.
  4. Stay Over Night Camp: This option is not going to work for everyone but for those parents and children who feel comfortable enough, this is a great chance to provide your kids with some independence. For those parents who just aren’t ready to leave their kids alone, many of our local theme/adventure parks in Southern California allow one parent to join their child. This is a great activity for bonding with your kids! SeaWorld and are two that I know have this option.
  5. Skills/Hobby Camp: My oldest daughter loves to sew and has been taking lessons for the past 2 years. She enjoys it so much! If there is a skill or hobby your child is interested in learning, there are plenty of camp options for them! For sewing or any other craft related hobbies, JoAnn’s and Michael’s are great! You can even search local in your area to see if anyone offers private or group lessons.

All of these camps are great because they are offered in intermittent sessions allowing you to still have time for family vacations and any other summer activities you enjoy! Let us know if you recommend any other camps that you children have enjoyed, would love to hear about it!

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