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why girlfriends are the best


A few weeks after I had my first baby, I looked at my new Medela breast pump and cried. I had read every line of the instruction book, but…I was lost. How was that bovine contraption going to take milk out of me?

I called my girlfriend Neesha (yes, our Chai Momma!). “Neesh, I don’t know how to use this and I’m scared.”

She was over the next day with her hubby and baby. We left the kids and boys downstairs, locked my bedroom door as she showed me how to place it all on my sore boobs. She waited until it started suctioning. She told me how far my nipple would stretch, not to be scared and walked me through the first drop. Heck, I think she even held my hand.

She called me days later, weeks later and when the milk started filling bottles, I called her. “I’m so happy, Puj.”

And she was. She had been there herself and she knew.

That’s what girlfriends do. 

They speak to your fears with kindness.

They listen without judgment.

They love when you need it.

They remember you when you are lost.

They make you laugh when you need it most.

They love when you forget that you need it.

From the worst breakups and Kleenex sessions, the weddings and heartfelt bridesmaids speeches, the hospital visits, the cards that warmed your heart, the book club nights, the random times where your girls just know to come over with a bottle of wine…it’s why girlfriends are the BEST.

Us Chai Mommas, we’ve been through some major ups and downs together. The loss…a sweet son, a loving father. The births of all our children. The spirals of our marriages. The moments of celebrations like birthdays and Diwali and all the ways in which we light each other’s lives.

Light and love. You see, it’s just what girlfriends do. 

Happy National Girlfriends Day to soul sisters everywhere!

Note: Artwork above created by the talented Chandni @shesartsy 

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