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What We Remember for National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

Each new life, no matter how brief, forever changes the world. -Unknown

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. It’s when you fall in love with the baby you haven’t touched yet, but can feel with every inch of your being.

When you lose that gift of life, it can tug at your heart no matter when it occurs. We didn’t know how common miscarriage was until we started to share our stories. We didn’t know others could relate to the birth and loss of a first born until other women silently said, I know how you feel.

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This day falls at a time of what many Indians see as auspicious. Diwali approaches us as the symbolism of light over darkness and the brightness of a new year shines in our homes.

It was out of luck and love, that we had one another to lean on when three of us each went through our own losses over the years. We recall how often that we turned to our blog back then.

It was a place of supportive women where we could write and essentially journal to release what we kept inside. It was a place we shared tools like meditation, yoga, songs and books that lifted us in the times we just wanted to be alone.

It was a combination of all the things that allowed us to come back to our safe places…into the arms of our spouses, mothers, best friends.

When we shared here, we were reminded that it was okay to feel happy one day, sad the next. That it was okay to feel strong in a moment and collapse the next. That the journey was about presence. The journey, even now, is taking it day by day.

So thank you to all of you that listened.

When the three of us sat down to share our personal stories for this blog post, the details still rang new for us no matter how long ago it happened. The sounds, the tears, the fainting, the feeling of the unknown. But we realized that there is more to our stories than that. There were hugs, courageous words, meals dropped to our doors, letters and love that surpassed anything we could have ever asked for. There was the strength our sisters showed up with to carry us through.

And with that love and light, we were able to go on.

That’s what we want to remember today as we honor the lives we once carried.

There is now the sound of laughter from our children that came after. We all have been blessed with healthy children now.

Yet today, we remember for those of you that are remembering too…with a simple and loving message that you are not alone.

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