Where Do You Stand For Womxn?

Our feature today is about a company that feels like they are my long lost passion sisters.

puja girl power project

Sanaya Set was founded by two cousins Tejal and Tarul both on a mission to make an impactful and positive change using our experiences as minority womxn with a passion for social justice, intersectionality, and their sweet spot – style. The Sanaya Set is named after Tarul’s daughter Sanaya, which means distinguished, different in a great way. Tarul found her voice when Sanaya was born and made a commitment to never stay silent about the things that matter most. Their company was founded on the premise that each of us can make a positive impact; that we as womxn can determine our own future.

This has been my own motto too as a mother of a fiery daughter you probably see in some of our photos here. Just recently I spoke at an event by Just Like My Child Foundation whose mission is to empower vulnerable adolescent girls by enabling them to create healthy, self-sustaining families who prosper without further aid. I stood in front a room full of 250 womxn who had the same vision for girls and support for their Girl Power Project. I led a guided meditation wearing Sanaya Set’s signature shirt and it was truly a magical alignment of a collective vision on empowering the future womxn of this world.

Tejal and Tarul said that along with empowerment, they believe in intersectional feminism: understanding our overlapping identities and how these factors impact the way we experience oppression and discrimination. To them, this means recognizing our diversity makes us stronger, makes us beautiful.

Most importantly, it means pulling each other up.

(Tejal and Tarul: Founders of Sanaya Set)

As South Asian mothers, this is just so inspirational to live by and be an example of to our children. It’s why we choose to work with like minded ladies at Chai Mommas; we believe in elevating our sisters and siding by their goals.

Sanaya Sets are full of intentional products- each item is as beautiful as the story behind it. It reminded us of our own recent Diwali box and how sweet it was to work with womxn we jived with.

And not only do they source from primarily womxn owned businesses, but they place an emphasis on businesses owned by womxn of color and/or those from marginalized communities. They work with organizations and fair-trade companies that elevate womxn globally. They also highlight womxn in our communities who are positively impacting social justice through our brand ambassador program, and they directly donate 10% of our net proceeds to organizations that align with their values.

The products in the box we received, Freedom, inspired and nourished us:  

Neesha loves the silky soft Grace Eleyae Gray Satin Pillowcase.

neesha in eye mask

Puja loves the delicate yet bold Purpose Jewelry Dusk Drop Earrings.

Puja earings

Puja also loves the yogic but fashionista Sari Bari Bon Boho Bag.

Puja with Sari Bari Ban Boho Bag

Shraddha loves the way the Alma Botanicals Fresh Bloom Luminous Glow Mask brightens her face up!

Alma Botanicals

Shraddha also loves the sweet and salty indulgence of the Divine Chocolate Toffee and Sea Salt Bar.

SM Divine Chocolate

Reena loves reading her SIGNED copy of the awesome book Born Confused.

Born Confused Book

While we are so happy with the products themselves, by supporting this box, we truly believe we are helping other women change the world. Because as Gandhi once said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Tarul and Tejal’s words to inspire, “Every day, we intentionally make business decisions and live our lives with this question in mind: When our children learn about this moment in history, where will you say you stood?”

So mommas, where do you stand for womxn?

Support their goal here and enter our giveaway for the set featured in this post on Instagram @thechaimommasblog ending on November 14th 2018!

Sanaya give away

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