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There Is More To Motherhood Than The Child

I wish someone told me that motherhood is more about the mother than the child.

Photo Source: Parita Kuttappan

Before I share more, I want to clarify. It’s absolutely about the child, but not in the way I originally thought.

When I was pregnant, I solely focused on how my actions impacted the baby. What I ate, how much I moved, the amount of stress I felt, etc.  After Kaiden was born, I maintained a strong focus on him. Was he eating enough?  Did he sleep enough? What did his poop look like?  In fact, I’d say that up until he was 16 months old, it was mainly about our little guy.  

Of course, it is still about him. But now I understand what no one articulated to me in the early days.

This motherhood journey is more about my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, my judgements, my assumptions, my expectations.  It’s about how I take all the different parts of me and share them with my child. It’s about how I react to him, how I show my love, and the culture I create and reinforce in my home.

The thing I know with every fiber of my being is that more than anything else (and I mean anything!) my child needs me to be in tune with my mind, body, and soul.  

Happy mama equals happy home, right?!

We sure think so! Thanks to our contributor, Parita Kuttappan, for sharing this wisdom. Parita is a full-time working mom who’s passionate about sharing her personal motherhood experiences as genuinely and authentically as possible. Find her over at and on Instagram at @myinnershakti.

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