Serena Singh Flips the Script

Book Review: Serena Singh Flips the Script

I just finished reading ‘Serena Singh Flips The Script’ and I just had to share this review with all of you because I loved the book so much!

Serena Singh Flips the Script

What is Serena Singh Flips the Script about?

Serena Singh is tired of having her desires dictated to her, and she is ready to prove to her mother, sister, and others in her community that a woman does not need to have domestic bliss to live a happy life.

Things are going according to plan for Serena. She’s smart, confident, and just got a kick-ass new job at a top advertising firm in Washington, D.C. Even before her younger sister gets married in a big, traditional wedding, Serena knows her own dreams don’t include marriage or children. But with her mother constantly encouraging her to be more like her sister, Serena can’t understand why her parents refuse to recognize that she and her sister want completely different experiences out of life.

A new friendship with her co-worker, Ainsley, comes as a breath of fresh air, challenging Serena’s long-held beliefs about the importance of self-reliance. She’s been so focused on career success that she’s let all of her hobbies and close friendships fall by the wayside. As Serena reconnects with her family and friends–including her ex-boyfriend–she learns letting people in can make her happier than standing all on her own.


My Thoughts:

I read this book in 48 hours. It was engaging from start to finish and it resonated with me on multiple levels. This book embodies diversity, a strong female character and an own voice story that is told from two POV’s – Serena and her mother Sandeep. 

Making friends as an adult is complicated. Serena is successful and independent and has just started her dream job, but she is also single, unmarried and does not have kids. Her friends and her sister, to whom she is close, are busy with their husbands, families, and kids. Serena has attempted to keep up with their schedules, but she needs someone to befriend and relate to. You go along her journey as she tries to put herself out there and socialize more and come across some amusing situations -without any spoilers- ending up at a sex club, getting kicked out of the book club, having to leave a cooking class midway, leaving her partner not so pleased.

When she becomes friends with her new co-worker Ainsley, it helps her gain a different perspective towards things and review her life choices. She is able to reconnect with her family and her ex, which helps her to understand what she truly desires to have in her life.

This book is entertaining and heartfelt along with being a feel-good book as you go on a journey of self discovery and happiness. The author shares in the end how she drew from her own personal experiences but was trying to tackle expectations on women -of any heritage- the expectation to marry and have children to have your own “happily ever after.” She wanted to bust that myth and write a story that makes you feel you are in charge of your destiny and happiness! I highly recommend this book and cannot rave about it enough!

Written by Contributor Sarah Saeed is an Agile Delivery Lead (Techie) based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her goal is to bring light and awareness to Diverse and Own voice authors focusing on South Asians. Reading isn’t just a hobby but something that has been a part of Sarah’s life since she was very young, setting the record one summer reading close to 200 books. She believes the right story can be inspiring, engaging, and educating which she tries to bring across through her book reviews and articles. You can follow her on Instagram @readwithchai

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