8 efficient sports gear for kids

sport gearSport activities in our household is never-ending from soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and golf. That’s not the end of it either. They’re always coming home from school with new sports that they want to play. The latest one was tee-ball. My child’s friend invited my kids over to go and have a game, so we’ll probably have to find some Tee ball equipment next! It’s good that they’re so active and healthy, however, I feel that I am literally a “soccer mom” with that minivan! I practically live in my car and having all the sports gear and keeping track of them gets a little hectic especially with all 3 kiddos!!

So to make ALL of our lives a little easier, I’ve researched for a while to find the best gear that is efficient and useful of all the sport gears we have such as the ball, bat, water bottles, hooks you name it! I have been using online websites like, topcleats.com and I’ve even gone into some of the local sports shops in my area! Check out my list and hope it can get your household organized as it has for us.

1.DiadoraSoccer backpack: this backpack has been so useful for our practices, to games plus it is so roomy that it can hold the cleats, shin guards,ball, water and more. Its worth the money we have had our’s for a while and has stayed in great condition plus real durable.

2.O2Cool Water Bottle: This water bottle has been so handy especially on those hot sweaty days when kids are playing sports. It has a mister on the bottle where kids can spray themselves to cool themselves down.

3. Easton baseball/softball bag: This bag is like the soccer bag but for baseball/softball. I love how it has room for two bats plus a pouch where you can keep balls. The inside of the backpack is pretty big where you can store shoes and a pair of clothes and more.

4. Under Armour 64oz water bottle: This is great size water bottle to quench your childs thirst! Its a bottle that can carry enough water for a long practice or game and it stays nice and cold since its insulated.

5. Dual S hook to hang backpacks: These hooks are handy-dandy especially at baseball or softball games where kids can hang their bag on the fence so its easy access for them to get their things plus the bag has less chance of getting dirty!

6. Mini Basketball hoop: This is great practice in the house for making hoops. All you do is hook it on your door and you can play indoors. Its real durable and the ball is pretty soft so it is safe indoors.

7. Sports Rack for the garage: Organizes all sports gear in one place. Includes adjustable hooks to maximize storage space and also has hooks to store caps, gloves and uniforms.

8. Pop up soccer Goal: These are great to take to the park or even before practice or games so then you can practice with your child and get some shots in. They are durable and so easy to store anywhere. If your child is really into soccer, you should consider buying some good quality football kits for them to play in, they’ll definitely appreciate it!

Here you have it! To make your life a little simple and neater I recommend getting a few of these items because its made our household simpler plus I don’t hear them asking where they have places their sport gear because now each sport gear has its own storage or bag .

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