Finding The Perfect Nanny

“Going back to work” – Words every mom dreads after spending 24 hours a day with their most amazing baby that entered their world. The anxiety that a mom gets is unexplainable…the first thought is always “how is anyone else going to be able to take care of my child the way I do?”…guess what..They are not! That’s why you are the mom but as moms we learn to trust others.

So I started the dreadful searching for a nanny process. I ended up using, interviewed about 15 people and finally found the perfect nanny! Parents don’t be fooled by the filter criteria in whatever website you are using…because you will experience some strange interviews! The process though…was brutal…We had people schedule an interview and not show up, great first impression right! We had people show up and say they didn’t even know much about kids but they learned some stuff in school….umm that made me feel a little uncomfortable! Believe it or not I had one lady tell me that she didn’t feel comfortable driving and if there was an emergency she would call a cab to get to the hospital…at that point my husband was done helping me interview 🙂

It was so frustrating and each time we interviewed someone we came up with more questions to ask just to be sure we were gonna choose the right one. Since I am all about lists, I wanted to share my Nanny Questionnaire with you. It’s a pretty comprehensive set of questions to ask when interviewing for a nanny! It’s not tailored towards any particular age group so you may not use all the questions. One tip I can give you, they may have all the credentials on paper, but mommies make sure you get that warm comfortable feeling as soon as you meet them because that will help your trust level tremendously.

Good luck nanny hunting and please feel free to comment about any crazy nanny interview moments to humor all of us 🙂 I had my fair share but I am sure there are even crazier stories out there!

Check out the questionnaire below:

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  1. This could also work for finding a babysitter. We had a bad experience with a sitter. Eilam busted his lip on the coffee table. Every time i see his lip it reminds me of that bad eperience.

    • Gina- agreed- def could help with finding a sitter. So sorry to hear about Eliam, hope you find a good baby sitter with this list if you haven’t already!


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