The Truth About Happiness

On this team, you’ll find a crew of women that are generally optimistic. Pretty upbeat, tend to think about the positives more than the negatives. But this doesn’t mean we are happy all the time. This doesn’t mean we haven’t lived our fair share of life and what it means to feel sadness, anger, and despair. Between us, there’s been depression both inside and outside of being a mother, there’s been sexual assault, there’s been deaths of children and parents lost at an early age. There’s been really sick kids. There’s been close calls with our own lives. And there’s just the regular up’s and downs within our marriages and home life.

We all have reasons to complain. But the ability to look at any situation and find some sliver of good…that is where the smiles live. That’s where the happiness is. We just have to turn our attention towards it. It takes practice and work though and we don’t claim to get it right every day and have all the answers. What we do know is that without a doubt, happiness is available to each and every one of us. And hopefully by sharing some of our learned wisdom in happiness through our own journeys in life, you can believe the same.

Happiness is a combination of what gives our lives meaning + purpose and what gives our life pleasure.
Anyone, anywhere can find happiness. It is a state of mind, doesn’t come from material wealth, outward beauty or status. 
Long lasting + true happiness comes from experiences and memories. And it’s found in peace and acceptance of ourselves and those around us.
Permanent happiness is not achievable. 
Being content is cool too.
Happiness is found in the journey not the destination.
Focusing on good feelings gives us the boost we need to get through difficult times. And there is always some good in every single bad situation.
When things go wrong, learn to forgive yourself and others. Keep complaining to a minimum.
Happiness is a practice and a choice. Let yourself be happier. Do the work to get there.
Smile whenever you can! It makes you feel instantly better.

Increase it by simply being kind and serving others. Giving to others makes you and the receiver happier…so double win.

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