The beautiful part of our journey is how we started: motherhood and sisterhood. Over the decades, we have openly shared with our community about the struggles, joys and laugh-out-loud moments of being moms. We love connecting with and inspiring women to lead a positive, healthy and culturally-infused lifestyle.


Meet Our Mommas

Neesha headshot
The Planner

This is the momma friend that will organize everything around her. She can take any project that comes her way and finds a way to deliver. We love her for always keeping us on track.

Shraddha headshot
The Connector

This momma brings everyone together and even in a digital world, she’s your bestie. Our events are all around fun with her positive energy and natural way to build bonds.

Puja headshot
The Strategist

This zen momma brings peace, love and yoga vibes to your crew. She inspires us with her creative ideas, writing expertise plus her organic lifestyle on the daily.

Reena headshot
The Supporter

This is one momma you want by your side. She takes care of everyone, always. It's no secret that she is our go-to for mom moments. Her advice and finance skills are huge for us.

Meet Our Team

The Convo Starter

This momma knows how to connect with our community for candid convos on all topics. We love her Canadian presence and help on our social media front with reels, lives and more as she shines with us all.

Nyah headshot
The Next Gen Chai Momma

Reena's daughter is our amazing intern for product packaging and events. This super teen has seen Chai Mommas grow as we've seen her grow up. She rolls up her sleeves and gets into any task. We love having her on our team!

The Millennial Advisor

It was out of our sisterhood community that we met our millennial momma Jyoti aka Mamajotes! We adore her advice and she is our go-to for new idea brainstorms, reel love and all things millennial momma related.

I have known Chai Mommas for years. They are truly wonderful beings. What I love most about their platform is their ability and passion to elevate South Asian women entrepreneurs like myself while simultaneously giving back to the community. Their creative approach for my first book launch was refreshing and their personal touch shines through what they do for others.

Dr. Amy Shah, Author of "I'm So Effin Tired"

A community for South Asian women to connect over motherhood and beyond, speaking to my dual-identity background and bringing representation to lifestyle content.


They bring a level of positivity and encouragement to moms as well as a strong support for day-to-day parenting.


I love the humor. I def feel that the Chai Mommas community totally gets me and my woes as a first time mom in her 30s!

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