To the mom who loves coffee and wine


To the mom who loves coffee and wine, Yes you are putting caffeine and a depressant in your body but hey, it’s OK, I get it.  It may not be coffee but you need something to kick start your day.  You don’t abuse it but in order for you to function in the morning and actually…

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Halloween Recipe: Green Ghost Rice Cakes

Green Rice Cake Ghost

  Here is a healthy yet creative Halloween Recipe by our awesome guest writer Christine O’Connor! “Mommy, the kids at school laughed at me for eating a rice cake,” says my 5 year-old.  How can I make this right? My son likes the taste of rice cakes. I am not going to pack a bunch of…

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tea india chai review

tea india review

So when Tea India reached out to us about their chai, we were more than happy to talk to them since we are in fact the CHAI mommas 😉 In general, we all really enjoy our mommy moments with our chai tea whenever we can get them. What we love about Tea India is that…

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41 life lessons learned from my mom

lessons learned from mom

What’s the single most important lesson you’ve learned from your mom? That was a question that came up on a radio talk show the other morning. I was driving the kids to school so I couldn’t really listen to the actual discussion. But it got me thinking. One lesson? Wow. I can’t just name one….

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otterganics organic baby soap review

otterganics soap review

Otterganics all natural baby soap is a product that is earth friendly, organic and super friendly to your baby’s delicate skin.  When us Chai Mommas received their soaps to try, they were so happy, because a few of our kids’ have eczema. We are always looking for products that are not harmful to our kids…

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