extracurricular activities to do with the kids

From organized music and dance classes to spending time at the library picking books and reading together or even making own our music at home, each of us is enjoying a lot of fun activities with our kids.  We want to know what kinds of activities you’re getting into with your little ones too! Share them by leaving comments to this post.

– Chai Mommas


Activity: After school library time

Ayven loves to read books and sometimes after school he just wants to do something that can wind him down and I want to do something where I can get one on one time with him without having too many distractions.  Library time together after school is perfect for this.


He gets so excited to choose from all the books and we read together.  We stay away from the computers and I keep my cell phone in my purse so it’s strictly time with him.  Sometimes they have story time which he loves too.  It’s a free way to do something educational yet fun with your kids!



Activity: Library music and story time class

You would think that Laila’s favorite class would be yoga with me being her mom.  And while she loves mommy and me yoga, it seems the class that gets her eyes to light up is our local library’s music and story time class.

I think she loves the interaction, sounds, and the ability to play with and be around babies her age.  Laila meets her new best friend Chloe here every week and it’s fun to watch the two of them interact and share toys, or lack there of (haha). It’s never to early to have your baby develop social skills in a class, (I had Laila in yoga at 6 weeks)! This class is catered to babies who are in her age group, so all the songs we sing, instruments offered, music played and books used are perfect for their developmental cues and milestones.

laila storytime-music class

I think music and reading should be part of every child’s development so I love the concept of the class which starts out with songs and instruments and then we read books to the babies who are on blankets/mats…easily allowing them to explore their surroundings.  My husband loves music, (he actually produces music and has an album out), and I was and still am a bookworm, so I love that it combines two passions we want to share with her.

The class is free which is a bonus, too. A good place to look for classes is your local library; ours has an array of awesome classes for kids of all ages, (and adults too). The teachers are usually those that have a passion for what they are doing and love offering it to their community like Laila’s music and story time teacher who we appreciate so very much.



Activity: Music time at home

We still haven’t taken Jai to any formal music classes but we have our own ‘music time’ at home every few days.  I wrote a post on this before – the importance of making music a priority for your little one’s growth and development.  Click here to read the post.   He loves it and really enjoys banging on his drum especially.


After the flu season passes in just a few more months, I think we’ll be more ready to explore other organized music classes like those offered at our local library and book stores.



Activity: Zumbatomic kids’ dance class

The extra curricular activity I do with my daughter is zumbatomic every Wednesday.  It’s a dance class for children from the ages of 4-11. It has a little bit of hip-hop, reggaeton and cumbia. My daughter LOVES it.  She loves to dance and this class is perfect for her!


She has learned to coordinate her moves and also follow along with the instructor.  This class is building her confidence and plus at the end of class each child gets to do a solo on stage of any movement they want.  It has brought out the shining star in her!


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