integrating music, reading and instruments to teach your child

I was giving my 20 month old son a bath the I turned around to get something and couldn’t believe I heard him sing the entire Ba Ba Black Sheep Song then say his alphabet. I was amazed and had a totally proud mommy moment 🙂

I introduced Ayven to music when he was in my belly and enrolled him in a music class at 4 months. I know a lot of people may think he is so little, what in the world is he even going to learn but seeing how he reacts to his music class cd’s made me realize they do retain information at that age? He still recognizes songs from his class at 4 months.

Ayven’s music class Teacher, Mr. Carol, is an amazing person who has such a passion for teaching kids music. She keeps the class interactive while letting kids be kids and teaching us mommies to let them learn on their own. Check out the interview with Mrs. Carol where she shares some books, instruments and methods to teach your children music.

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