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5 tips to recover from vacation

tips to recover from vacation

The minute your family vacation is booked the excitement starts to get real!  Everyone is doing research and can’t stop talking about all the things they wanna do, all the foods they wanna try and all the shopping they wanna do (okay maybe that is just me for the shopping part!)

My family and I recently came back from a 2 week international trip that was full of so many memories, late nights and lots of donuts!  However when the vacation ended, getting back to your routine life can be tough especially with kids.  Not only from a mental standpoint but also a physical standpoint.  You probably feel like you put on some pounds and just super tired.  You feel overwhelmed where you don’t know where to start once you enter your house.

How you get back into your routine life after a long vacation is really important.  For almost all families one piece of advice I would give is that if possible, come back on a Friday.  Having the weekend to recover makes a huge difference.  Your body needs time to reset and if you jump right back into your routine it will just take that much longer to recover.

Here are 5 tips to recover from vacation

  1. Plan your return so you have transition time.  Don’t come back late on a Sunday night then expect to be at work Monday morning.  Your body will not have the strength to recover as fast.  Give yourself at least 1 to 2 days of recovery time so that you can take care of household chores and the family without the stress of the everyday routine.
  2. Unpack as soon as you get home.  I know this is the LAST thing you want to even think about when you enter your home but I promise it will be so worth it.  The longer you put off unpacking and laundry the more time you have to tell yourself “I will do it later.”  That “later” then turns into the time when work and your routine starts and will just turn into more stress.
  3. Try not to fight your body on jet lag.  If you are that tired don’t push yourself to stay awake the whole day.  Even a 20 minute snooze will help your body reset.  The more you deprive yourself of the sleep, the weaker your body will get.  That is why it’s so important to plan your return to have transition time.
  4. Drink Turmeric Tea for at least the 1st week you get back.  You can drink it for longer, but the tea will help your body balance and restore again.  Here is a great list of Teas to choose from.  It’s vacation, who would not eat what they wanted but of course that comes with a price so having this tea will help your immune system stay strong.
  5. Get groceries delivered.  This is more for those parents that go out and buy groceries weekly.  This time just get the main essentials delivered to your home.  I promise it will feel so good to save a trip to the grocery store.  Especially if you are getting in late, schedule a delivery.  I am a big fan of Amazon Prime Now.  They work with your local grocery store to get anything you need delivered.

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