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Shine Love and Light In Your Home

A few months ago, we launched our first package, The Rakh Star rakhi collection for Raksha Bandhan. To our surprise, it took off and filled our hearts with gratitude. We realized we needed to start imagining what Diwali would look like for the Chai Mommas.

We each have kids of all ages from toddler to tween, so our daily home life is quite different. One of us is still changing diapers while the other is a full fledged soccer mom with a minivan, yet we all still landed in one place.

We wanted this holiday to be full of love + light.

We wanted to rekindle the rituals our parents carried with them to celebrate the festival of lights on new soil.

We wanted our own second generation littles to feel the same excitement of Diwali, the way they jump for joy when they hear holiday bells in December.

We knew plenty of fellow mommas felt the same way. Because like us, they’ve voiced the same fears of losing this beautiful culture.

“One of the things that I fear most is my kids losing love for the food of their grandparent’s motherland. A lot of the time it’s a struggle and they seem to be so much more excited to eat pasta, pizza, tacos. Making these ladoos together was an afternoon of smiles. They liked it so much that they asked for ladoos to go in their school snack bags. That makes me excited for the future knowing that although things may not be the same as I had envisioned, that all will not be lost after all.”

“My son and I were chatting and he asked me why we had to celebrate two New Years. I told him as we continued to decorate our home with rangolis, that everyone has a choice to celebrate what they want but how important I feel that it is to balance both of our beautiful cultures and how lucky we are that we can honor our Indian heritage by celebrating Diwali together.”

So, how do we let the traditions of Diwali shine bright in our modern homes year after year? How do we find quality items that remind of us of home? How do we easily incorporate them into our busy lives, yet still keep it all fun + vibrant?

These questions echoed in our hearts. And then one sweet evening, when one of came home from a long day of work, lit sandalwood incense and closed her eyes for a moment of peace…the idea happened. We got on a call, the concept was shared. We all knew. We all felt it.

This is the truth on how our Love + Light Diwali Box emerged. Every item in this loving collection allows families to feel Diwali.

See the lights. Hear the stories. Taste the sweets. Smell the holiday scents that will adorn our alters. Touch the colors of love to send out in the world.

We are so incredibly delighted to share our offering of these traditions that awake a universal approach to this holiday. One that allows anyone from anywhere to get excited for the five days leading up to Diwali, with meaningful, custom items right at their family’s fingertips.

We truly hope your home shines bright as we honor the light within each of us and celebrate Diwali together with love.


For more information on what’s included in the Chai Mommas Love + Light Diwali Box, go here.

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