I am not a “Mompreneur”, I am an Entrepreneur

I am not a “Mompreneur”, I am an entrepreneur. I actually take umbrage at being called a “mompreneur.” To me it is not an intentionally diminutive label, but I find it bizarre that I’ve never met a “dadpreneur”! I think many people have never paused long enough to ponder why the term is only mommy-centric.

For me, being a mother is incidental to the cold, hard truth: I am an ENTREPRENEUR. Just like the rest of ’em.

Nothing about my life is special or particularly vaulted. Sure, I came from a comfortable lifestyle and upbringing, both realities for which I am forever grateful. But the desire to act, the drive to risk and the courage to break free of the conventional mold, are impulses that were never gifted to me. They are feelings that I have taken pains to cultivate throughout the years. Through various corporate jobs, relocating to faraway countries, motherhood, family triumphs and tragedies alike.

Like many entrepreneurs out there, I distilled my passion into a vision. Then deconstructed that vision into a plan. Followed by compartmentalizing that plan. Then I executed it.  Sounds easy, right? Ha. Anyone who has ever started a business — from chaiwala to chairwoman —  will tell you that the journey is long and brutish. Success never comes easy. Each day I struggle to wear the multitude of hats that once seemed so foreign to me but are now second-nature. I’m a hustler, a pivoter, a team builder and a problem-solver. I’m a negotiator, a procurer, a designer and a communicator.

Yes, I happen to be a mother.

But when it comes to @arjunadesignstudio, I am a confident, insecure, optimistic, anxious, courageous and fearful…entrepreneur.

Just like the rest of ’em.

Written By: Sushmitha Pidatala, Founder of Arjuna, an online home decor boutique focused on the classic and contemporary South Asian aesthetic, where traditional designs meet modern day form and elegance. Prior to founding Arjuna Design Studio, Sushmitha worked in international development for over 15 years, at The World Bank Group, the International Finance Corporation and the United Nations. Her work was focused on women’s entrepreneurship and the obstacles they face(d) in doing business all over the world. She lives with her husband and two children in Houston, TX, but has previously been an expatriate in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Austria.

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