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Now Is The Time To Prioritize Yourself

Ladies, I just need to say something that I know many of you need to hear: Now is the time to prioritize yourself!! I used to spend my life committing my time and energy to everything + everyone, regardless of whether or not it was what I wanted. In fact, I didn’t even know I was “allowed” to have my own desires. That felt selfish. Expressing my needs? Whoaaa, slow down tiger. Don’t be rude.

Then PRIORITIZING my needs? OH helll no. You’re here to serve others, remember? There’s an invitation? You go, you show up. Other obligations + plans? Pack it all in. Nothing “scheduled” – 100% of the time, you MUST always go.

I had been so conditioned to feel as though my duty was to support others, show up for others, do for others + put myself last. To silence my voice, my needs + my desires.  Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely love(d) supporting others, but I never felt I had permission to consider my own desires + needs as wellTo check in with my heart + see if this act of kindness felt like a mutual energetic exchange. 

To check in with my mind, body + soul to see if serving in this way, felt like an energetic match to where I was mentally, emotionally + physically, in that moment. To allow space to JUST BE.

Until I learned the hard way that this way of living like the beat up, exhausted, insecure, tired, sick + lost victim + martyr, wasn’t serving me or anyone else. Since giving myself the permission slip to always check in with myself FIRST to ensure I’m making ALIGNED decisions, my wellbeing + life has radically transformed.

By giving myself radical compassion + unapologetic permission to show up for myself +  my loved ones with the energy + vibe I desire. To allow myself to rest or retreat when needed, I’m able to be more in flow, aligned + with high vibes in my life.

If you could use some tactical guidance in making ALIGNED decisions, I’ve got you covered. First, I invite you to drop into your heart + get clear on the 5 core feelings you want to embody in your life. Next, before you make a decision/accept an invitation, check in with yourself + ask yourself if at least 3 of those 5 feelings will be elicited by accepting this invitation. If the answer is no, you have permission to say no. 

This has worked so well for me.  And I know it can help so many of you all too. Do you struggle on how to prioritize yourself? Does saying no feel like a challenge? Let’s keep the conversation going.  

Written by: Misha Vayner is a Holistic Health + Self Mastery Coach + Founder of the mindful brand, Your Well Guide. Through my platform + services, I help women find alignment in their bodies + lives so they can live the abundant lives they were destined for. Through my stress free, inside out approach to self healing + self mastery, we create harmony in the interior realms, resulting in optimal wellbeing, freedom from “stuckness” + a realization of self worth, allowing women to step into their innate power, glow + flow. Follow Misha at @mishavayner on Instagram. 

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