infant stuffy nose and chest congestion: helpful tips

Recently, we took Laila on her first trip ever to New York to visit my family. She did great on the plane, but while we were there, the weather changed from warm to crisp autumn days and cold rainy nights. It was very different from the SoCal sun she was used to! The climate change affected her little body and she got a runny/stuffy nose plus chest congestion. Seeing her sick was so hard, we wanted to do everything and anything to return her to feeling smiley like her usual self.

When we spoke to her pediatrician, it seemed all we could do was wait it out, (unless she developed a fever which she did not). Read here for my previous post on a pediatrician’s recommendations on how to take your baby’s temperature.

Here’s what we did for my 5 month old baby girl, some of which my husband’s sister and brother in law, (who is a doctor), recommended to us from their experience with our nieces, that really worked in helping Laila get comfortable and back to her healthy self:

1. We held her in a steamy room for at least 10-15 minutes a day, (steam shower bathroom).

2. We put a little Vicks Baby Rub on the soles of her feet before sleeping, (if your baby eats her toes like ours, cover their feet in a footsie outfit and wash their feet in the morning when you change them).

3. Used a nasal bulb aspirator with saline to get out her boogers every day. Laila hated this, but it helped so much to do it.

4. Massaged her chest and nasal/sinus/temples area with oil. You can use slightly warm olive oil or jojoba oil, and if your little one has a cough too, my mom had recommended an Ayurvedic remedy of putting some indian celery seeds in a warm washcloth as a warm compress for her chest, (which we didn’t need to do, but would have if she had a cough).

5. We used a humidifier in her room while she slept at night. We have the Kids Line monkey one and really like it. You can also add essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender.

6. Breastfeeding moms, feed often for more immune defense, to avoid dehydration and for comfort for your baby. Also, just hold them for that extra healing love.

7. If you live in a colder climate, be sure their head, feet and hands are covered in addition to dressing them warmly when you are outside with them. If your little ones have outdoor allergies, here are some tips by Chai Momma Neesha on allergy relief.

Laila is now giggling again and we are so happy she is better!

What have you used on your infant for a stuffy nose or congestion?



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