keep your post partum skin glowing and cuddle-tastic: expert advice

Today we have a special guest- Dr. Aegean Chan, the author of the hit skin care blog Aegmora. Last summer, she was selected by Refinery 29 as one of the 30 under 30 Rising Stars in NY for her must read blog, her list of humanitarian work…and for doing it all while training to be a dermatologist. Other people that were on the list of rising stars included Lauren Bush Lauren and Lily Kwong.

I know Aegean personally, and she’s the girlfriend you want to spend the whole afternoon with because she’s witty, easygoing and has an awesome sense of humor. We are so humbled to have her write about how to keep that post-baby soft glow.

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Aegean Chan M.D.:

Talking to my post-partum divas, it seems like dry skin has been a plaque on them. I’ve never heard of this phenomenon before, but I have now made it my mission to keep the skin of pregnant and post-pregnant ladies soft, glowing and cuddle-tastic. Of course, with the recent stresses on the body and constant milk production, it’s very important for new moms to stay hydrated on the inside. It’s recommended you take in 3 liters or 13 cups of fluids daily. That’s a lot of trips to the bathroom, but it’s worth it!

Alright, let’s get into staying moist from outside. As I have said before, your skin is a barrier that keeps water in. Stresses on the body and skin disorders like eczema can weaken that barrier, making it more prone to letting water out and becoming dry like a desert riverbed. Add the winter dryness in the mix, and you have the perfect storm for rough skin. So your job is to stay ahead of the game and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, even before you start feeling dry. This is the kind of advice experts, be they from The Devonshire Clinic or elsewhere, would likely advise.

I can imagine it can get hard, when you don’t even have time to shower every day with the new babe. So let’s keep it simple. Slather on the Cetaphil, an incredibly gentle and safe, yet effective moisturizer, all over mommy and baby, in the morning, night and after the shower when your skin is still a little wet. For the mommas that want something a little more natural, almond oil is a great moisturizer, as well.

For eczema flares, it is safe to apply your prescribed topical steroids directly on the nipple. Nipple dermatitis is a big problem, especially during the first week of feeding, and usually improves with a better latch. Use warm water compresses for temporary relief. For more tips on skin conditions during breastfeeding, go here, or even better, pay a visit to your handy dandy dermatologist.

Yes, ladies, we can… keep your post-pregnancy skin perfectly soft for a baby to nuzzle.

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