pv body: easy and affordable activewear for the fit fashionista

This post is for all the moms, working women and busy fashionistas who like to stay active and wear clothes that fit your style and the bill-but don’t have the time to wait for those cute pants at Lulu Lemon to go on sale, or can’t readily head over to fitness stores to see what would be most comfortable for your specific type of workout…we have the perfect solution for you.

So, how does PV Body work? 

You go their site, take a quiz that creates a personal style profile so PV Body style experts can put together a workout outfit that’s catered to your style and workout needs that they ship directly to your door, (shipping is free). You can sign up for their monthly subscription as well, where you get a new outfit every month. The great thing is that returns are free. And it’s NOT 120 bucks for one pair of yoga pants, so it’s nice on the wallet, too!

Recently the chai mommas decided to take their challenge to us on trying their clothes out. We took the quiz and received the clothes promptly. Each of us have different workout styles so we got a variety of clothes, (yoga, pilates, cardio, gym). Shraddha had a top that needed to be exchanged, (size difference), and they had amazing customer service, (it was a fast turnaround, too!) and she loved her new top and stretchy comfy leggings, (I think she looks super cute in her outfit).

shraddha in PV body

Personally, I thought my capris were cute with the side ruffle at the bottom and the top is breathable so if I go to a hot yoga class, it’s perfect. I like the sky blue and the pretty pattern down the center also.

puja-pv body

I love their ‘motto’- “Living healthy and actively is a way of life, and we want to look fabulous while doing that.”

It’s just so easy, which I am all about, (I get whatever I can delivered at home for my baby for convenience- diapers, wipes, bibs, teething rings, bottle nipples- so why not for my workout clothes too, right?).

So ladies, try it out, (you get 20% off from the coupon above and link here). And stay fit and fabulously fashionable 😉



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