dryer ate your sock? make a lavender eye pillow!

While teaching yoga to kids this past year, one thing became evident to me. It didn’t matter which age group I was teaching, from 2-4 yrs old., 4-6 yrs. old or 7-9 yrs. old. … it seemed the one thing they all loved was savasana, the relaxation at the end of yoga class. Kids are constantly wound up all day and actually really love guided meditation/visualization, plus the chance to turn off their little active bodies and minds.

The awesome company I teach through, Next Generation Yoga, offers us teachers to use their super cute eye pillows that are shaped in fun animals during this relaxation time. And since they aren’t available to use on my Thursday class of eleven 8 year old girls, I decided to incorporate this fun arts and crafts project in the beginning of our class. I had each girl bring in a sock and we made these eye pillows so the girls could use them during class and also be able to take them home. Having children use eye pillows is a great way to allow them to slow down and go inward, to center their thoughts before sleeping and to just relax, (something moms would love their little ones to do!). Plus it’s a craft that you can make with your kids and for yourself, too. So, if you have a whole bunch of extra socks lying around, here’s a great way to use them.

 What you need: (per eye pillow)

1 clean adult size long sock

2-3 tbsp. dried lavender

1-2 cups flax seed or rice, depending on the length and size of your sock (I used Japanese rice since it’s thick and ’round’)

1 bowl and a spoon (optional)




Mix the flax or rice with the lavender in a bowl and put into the sock with a spoon or just simply add it in from the measuring cup/spoon. Tie a tight knot at the end of the sock and voila! You have your very own simple eye pillow!

If your child doesn’t like putting it on their eyes, you can have them rest the pillow on their belly, it’s another way to help the body relax.



Hope you enjoy this simple craft and let me know if you try it and how your child feels about using an eye pillow 🙂


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