I thought I was giving myself the shitty mom of the year award


It was turning out to be a great Sunday yesterday!  Kids were so happy when they woke up because they were allowed to go through their Halloween candy to see what they got. Time changed so it was so nice and sunny that morning.  I took my son to his activity and all he kept talking about was his soccer game on Sunday night.  I pumped him up, he was ready to score goals and really work on his soccer skills.  Ayven and I first spent the day at the mall getting a few things for him then we came home and hung out for a bit.  He was still tired from Halloween so he laid down for a nap.  Before he went down he goes “mommy don’t forget to wake me up for my game today.”  I assured him he wouldn’t miss it.  He even finished up all his homework so he could just focus on his game.

While he was asleep I was spending time with my younger one, prepping dinner..the usual Sunday stuff.  As I was working on a few emails for work, my alarm went off on my phone and I realized his game was at 4:00pm not 5:00pm.  By the time I would get him up, dressed and actually to the field we would have missed over half the game.  At that moment I officially gave myself the

Shitty mom of the year award

I couldn’t believe I totally let him down.  As he woke up, he came running down the stairs saying “mommy I am ready for my game!”  I broke the news to him and tears just started coming out.  It wasn’t that he was sad but I could tell he was disappointed in me and as all moms know that is the absolute worst feeling ever!  I held him and held him and apologized that mommy made a mistake.  He looked up at me and goes

“Mommy it’s OK, I still love you and know it was just a mistake”

Kinda took my breath away!  My 5 year old was able to look past his mommy’s mistake in a matter of 5 minutes.  There are times when I see him do something wrong and I let my frustrations get the best of me and I just keep harping on him that he shouldn’t be doing this or that, that he should know better.

Just proves that if an innocent 5 year old can stay present and focus on the positives, it really shouldn’t be that hard as parent.

I needed that kick in the butt from my son to remind me that mistakes happen but what’s important is that at the end of that day that little guy who I disappointed will love me no matter what.  My “shitty mom of the year” award feeling went away as it made me so proud that I was raising my son to be a positive and loving person.

Something to remind ourselves; kids teach us way more than we realize.

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