a fashion theme baby shower

When I was pregnant with Ayven my family threw me a Fashion Theme baby shower. Anyone who knows me knows I love shopping, hearing about the newest fashion trends and of course dressing up 🙂 Even though I was having a boy they got super creative and found a way to make it not so girly. Here are some of the details!


For the decorations we kept it very simple. We had a table for those that wanted champagne as well a those that wanted sparkling cider.
Drinks Decor

My aunt also made a table centerpiece that was of a pregnant women with a high fashion dress on.

For dessert we did a cake and some mini bundtinis which were a big hit!
Dessert table

We also carved a baby carriage out of a watermelon.
Fruit Basket


The activities were the main part of the shower. We had two major activities.

High Fashion Onesies
The first one was creating high fashion onesies with a ton of different supplies such as buttons, ribbons, letters and even material. Since this was a fashion theme, it was not just iron ons, the ladies had to get their sewing caps on and start making some clothes. Here is an example of one that I loved!
Onesie Game

Project Runway
The second game was project runway. This was the hit of the party.  Here is how we played

  • All the guests got in a team of two with one being the model and one being the designer.  Each model had to put a balloon under her outfit to get the full pregnant look!
  • We supplied all types of fashion accessories such as clutches, earrings, belts, ribbons, shoes, hats and so much more
  • Each team member chose a card out of the box which had a scenario on it. Here are some examples:
    • Neesha is preggo and going on to a gala night, design a dress
    • Neesha is preggo and going to a business dinner, design a dress
    • Neesha is preggo and going on a date with Amar to a fancy restaurant, design a dress
    • Neesha is preggo and  going on a girls night out, design a dress
  • Out of toilet paper and the accessories provided each team had to create a fashionable outfit from head to toe
  • There were three judges including the guest of honor
  • We had a runway show where the models strutted their new outfits
  • The judges chose the winner



Designer GameDesigner Game 2Designer Game 3


Final outfits

We had a number of cookbooks for each of the winners!  It was something everyone could use!


I definitely enjoyed this baby shower very very much.  It was very unique and creative and the best part is all the guests got to participate in the activities.

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