10 ways to have fun with your family on the weekends


When the weekend rolls around, I feel that we are usually doing the same things. Either cleaning, going for a walk or going out for dinner. My husband and I wanted to change things up and think of ways to have fun with our family in an inexpensive way plus places where it is kid-friendly.

1. Visit the fire station: Many local fire stations have tours where you can visit! What child does not like to visit the fire station and not check out the cool fire trucks and go down the poll!

2. Plan a treasure hunt in your garden: You can make it a theme treasure hunt such as dinosaurs or dolls and hide them around your garden and have your kids look for them. Another idea would be( if your kids are old enough to read) is have a riddle that gives hints to find the object, or even a fill in the blank.

3. Cook with your children: My kids love to be in the kitchen when I am cooking. They are so curious on what I am making for dinner everyday. I always get them involved by having them stir things (of course not on the stove), but for example a salad, or sauce. I also, have them make their own dish and have them serve themselves to whatever we are having for dinner, it build confidence and independence.

4. Play Dress Up: Any kid loves to play dress up! Have a dress up party with all kinds of clothes, have your kids use your ties, hats, shoes, etc or you can always buy dress up clothes for kids at a store. My son loves playing super hero dress up, we use his old Halloween costumes.

5. Have a picnic in the park or at the beach: Outdoors are always fun with the family. Instead of going out for lunch or having lunch at home on the weekends, why not take it to the park or the beach on a nice day. My kids love to have a picnic because it is fun and plus they get to go to the beach or the park.

6. Have a bonfire or campfire in your backyard: Our backyard furniture set has a fire pit, so on warm or cold nights we sometimes turn on the fire pit and tell stories or even have dinner in the backyard. The kids enjoy so much because sometimes we also sing campfire songs and tell stories. If you’re not sure if a fire pit will suit your backward, here are 10 benefits to having a fire pit in your backyard!

7. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter: Showing children and also teaching them about volunteering at a young age is very good for them. They learn to appreciate what they have and also see that not everyone has a home, or dinner every night or a bed to sleep on. This I feel is very beneficial for older kids who are 7 and above. I remember as a child my parents took me to soup kitchen where we all volunteered and it was an eye opener for me.

8. Invite your neighbors over for dinner or desert or have a block party: The neighborhood we live in we all know one another. We all look after each other. My next door neighbors have younger kids as well so my kids are always playing outside with them. Why not have the neighbors over for desert or dinner or even better why not have a BLOCK PARTY!

9. Go to the library: We all sometimes have a tendency to forget about the good old public library because now a days everything is internet. But to tell you the truth, the library is great fun for children because there are a numerous amount of books that they can look at, plus you get a chance to relax as well.

10. Go feed the ducks at a lake or pond: Since my kids were babies my family and I would always take the kids to the pond or lake to feed the ducks and birds (we were very fortunate to have one so near to us), we would take a bag of bread or sometimes the lake/pond will have food you can purchase for the birds. Make sure you look out for the signs that specify if you can feed the birds or not!

What are some fun things you do with your family on the weekends that I can add to my list?

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