top 20 “guy” pet peeves

So there is no question that we adore our husbands but no relationship is perfect and sometimes they just drive us crazy!  It’s those little things that they don’t think twice about that really get under our skin.  Granted, half the time we’re already on edge dealing with the kids, work, endless chores and still maintaining somewhat of a social life but still…these things make us absolutely nuts!  Take a look at our top 20 list, we’re sure you ladies out there can relate!

And don’t worry guys, you’ll get your turn too.  Next week, we’re featuring a top 20 “girls” pet peeves….so if you have any, be sure to leave a comment below!


– Chai Mommas

20.  When I bring home the dry cleaning, the clothes always stay in the plastic until he decides to wears them.  Hate that!

19.  It drives me crazy when I see a dirty plate or bowl of his in a clean kitchen sink right after I have already done all the dishes! He can’t just wash his own plate and cup if he sees the sink all shiny and freshly cleaned?!  Ahhhh!

18.  Every night he takes his jeans and socks off and puts them on the floor next to the bed instead of in the clothes hamper! Even if he passes the hamper to go brush his teeth, he still leaves his clothes on the floor. Drives me nuts!

17.  Ok how come he decides to always change the channel to ESPN (to check the score…just for a minute.  uh HUH.) when I’m clearly watching International House Hunters…dreaming of the day when we can move to a farm house in the New Zealand country side.

16.  I hate how he loves to push the limits and continue to drive even miles after the light has come on indicating we need gas.  I can admit, I like to drive with an almost full or half tank at all times (inherited this neurotic tendency.  thanks mom!) but still, do we have to come so close to empty before pulling over for gas?  Sheesh!

15.  Lately my husband has been using the “ignore the question I ask” method.  Anytime I ask him a question like “did you wash the dishes?” he ignores me simply because he doesn’t want to answer saying “no” or “I forgot”…AHH, it drives me nuts!!

14.  I absolutely hate it that he never takes the trash out in his office. He leaves snack wrappers to empty smoothie cups in there and it makes me so crazy because then the ants come marching in!

13.  When the toilet paper runs out, he just puts the roll on top of the holder.  How long does it take to just replace it?!

12.  Why is it that when my husband loads the dishwasher, the entire floor is soaking wet?

11.  After taking a shower he uses my bath towel then realizes it wasn’t his!  Of course it’s wet when it’s my turn to get ready!

10.  When shaving, the ENTIRE sink area, mirror, floor get wet.  WHY?

9.  So annoying how he leaves empty milk jugs in the fridge behind the new one.  Really, do we really need an empty milk jug in there taking up room we don’t have?!

8.  How annoying is it when he insists that I must have something that he’s missing (ie, the car keys)…asking me over and over again to check my purse only to find out that he had them all along.

7.  So irritating when he puts things up in places that are completely unreachable for the rest of us in the house unless we either grow another foot or two or climbed on a ladder.  Doesn’t he realize that not everyone is over 6 feet tall?!

6.  Ok this drives me bananas.  When he screws the lids onto jars, bottles, etc so tight that there’s no way I can open them without him!!

5.  No point in asking him to make the bed ever.  It still looks like we just slept in it after he’s finished.  What’s the point?!

4.  Simultaneously, he can have the iPAD, laptop, TV and iPhone going when they all basically do the same thing!!

3.  Don’t even get me started on what’s packed up in that car..empty plastic containers and bottles, old food, dirty gym clothes.  Can we say nastiness?!

2. Why does the fridge have to stay open when they take stuff out..takes two seconds to close it!

And the Chai Mommas # 1 guy pet peeve

1.  When we are out to dinner as a family or even on a dinner date and he always busts out his smart phone!   Remember, when we used to just talk…to each other?!


Hope you enjoyed these!  Do you have more peeves?  If so, leave us a comment below. And remember to stay tuned because next week we’re going to let the guys rip us a part…it’s only fair!  Guy, send us your pet peeves!!


  • Heidi W.

    This was a great list! Glad it’s not just me. As for #19, it drives me even more crazy that he can’t even put his dirty dish in the dishwasher after I’ve just done all the dishes. He doesn’t even have to wash it! Just rinse it! Grrrrr.

  • Parita @ myinnershakti

    Love this! Good to know I’m not alone. My #1 pet peeve is similar to #18. Why can’t he just put his clothes IN the hamper?! Not next to the bed, not on the bed, not on the dresser, not in front of the hamper on the floor, but IN the hamper. AHHH!!!

    • Shraddha

      Hey Parita! You ARE NOT alone!! And I think all our men are guilty of number 18 in some way. My better half loves to leave his on TOP of the hamper. I just don’t get it!!

  • Hetal

    Glad to know I was not over reacting , as my husband always accuses me of being a fickler . every single one of them I can relate to . Over time I have just built tolerance over these things , as its equivalent to talking to a wall 🙂
    I have another one. # not putting the cap back on the toothpaste after he has used it

    • Shraddha

      Ohh that’s a good one! Or like my husband does…always squeezes from the middle. Drives me crazy. OH well, none of us is perfect, right?!

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