8 darndest things my 3 year old says….

darndest things my 3 year old says

A few months back I had done a post on the darndest things my 5 year old says, so this time I decided to do a post on the things my 3-year-old says.  Ever since he turned 3, he has been saying the cutest and most random things!  His thinking process amazes me!  Sometimes I think to myself, “What goes through that little brain of his?!”…Here is a list of things my son says, that will make you laugh……

 8 darndest things my 3 year old says….

1. I have been calling my 3-year-old “son” for a while, and one day out of the blue he tells me that “mommy I am not your son, I am your moon”, this brought such a BIG smile to my face.

2. My son has this very unusual accent (we have no clue where he picked it up from, because my husband and I do not have one), he was playing and his tower of blocks tipped over and he yelled out “OH MY GOSS”, instead of saying “Oh My gosh”, he is so silly.

3. When I brought home our little one from the hospital, my son was so shocked and blurted out “mommy, the baby is out of your stomach!”, ” Did they cut you up and take her out?” If only he knew the “real” way babies came out. 🙂

4. Every time my son gets a haircut we tell him “I like your haircut.” His reply is “Yes, I look like Justin Beiber(or sometimes it’s Justin Timberlake).  How conceded can a 3-year-old be?!

5. He could never say, he wants “two of them” he always says “I want two da dem,” ahh where does he get this from.

6. He could never say ,”I am coming with you”, if we were going somewhere. He would always say “me coming too,” so adorable!

7. If you ask him what is he going to be when he grows up?  He replies ” A daddy, of course !” Such an  innocent answer…

8. My son was going through a phase of potty accidents, so awhile back I had felt his pants and saw that it was wet.  I asked him why he did not run to the bathroom to go pee, and he said “Mommy I FORGOT, I only went a little bit!” I looked on the floor of the restroom and see it was a flood! Oh what they do to cover mistakes up!


I can tell you my son’s imagination runs so wild, I sometimes think to myself where does he learn all of these things from? I feel that children pick up on the smallest things we do on a day-to-day basis, they analyze things very well and it amazes me how they take it in.  The are so innocent and say the cutest/darnedest things! 

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