real reasons us moms are so thankful

In the spirit of the next major holiday coming up, Thanksgiving, we came up with a list of just a few of the many reasons we are thankful for the privilege to be a mom.  We wear our momma badges proudly and we love every minute of it even when we don’t!!  Enjoy our funny but true list!


-Chai Mommas

I am thankful for:

  1. My kids testing my resistance to patience every minute of day.
  2. All the times I’ve not been able to go to the restroom or shower peacefully without loud, annoying bangs on the door.
  3. All the portraits my kids draw of me which I think look nothing like me but in reality probably do.
  4. That my children have no idea what the concept of “sleeping in” means.
  5. Making 5 things for breakfast and my kids deciding not to eat a bite.
  6. How much time my husband and I have to talk to each other…21 minutes to be exact, (length of a Sesame Street episode).
  7. Morning cuddles which means having one foot on your face and one pushing against your stomach.
  8. To walk out of the house with some remanence of food in the oddest places of my clothes.
  9. All the leisurely reading as a parent which went from InStyle magazine to now school newsletters and stalking Pinterest to be that perfect mom.
  10. Never being able to do one thing at a time again for the rest of my life.
  11. Meaningful conversations from “no you cannot pick your nose to did you wipe your bottom all the way or does mommy need to come check it.”
  12. Time changes because my child wake ups even EARLIER now!
  13. Waking up to a pleasant calm house everyday oh wait…that was  my dream..more like waking up to screaming tantrums.
  14. All the treasures that get washed along with the kids laundry…someone just loves throwing blocks, legos and flashcards in the hamper.
  15. My child interrupting every phone conversation I have.
  16. My kids NEVER decide to nap at the same time.
  17. My kids thinking mommy getting a car wash means it’s time to cover it in sand, food and milk stains.
  18. My new iPhone 6 that I never get to use because my kids are on it all the time.
  19. The entire house getting sick every time one child bring something home from school.
  20. We got the chance to experience ALL OF THIS because being a MOM ROCKS.

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