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Welcome to the new Chai Mommas brand!  When the four of us first started this, we were just new moms with barely any time on our hands but an idea that inspired us:  to provide a place for parents to learn, share and experience parenthood without all the judging and negativity.

We had found friendship in one another that was free of comparisons, and we saw how much easier mommy-hood could be with the strength and community of other mommies.  Three years down the road, we have learned so much together from all things technical, creative, management and of course…parenting.

You know people often ask us, when and how do you get time to blog?

Between us we have 7 kids all under the age of 7, but that didn’t stop of us from following our dream of helping other parents. We have had many late nights, long working sessions, and even conference calls on our way to pick up/drop off for the kids, but we made it happen because we loved sharing. We loved the way it inspired others. We loved learning from you all. And above all, it gave us a chance to learn about what being a mommy is truly about as we questioned, wrote about, made mistakes and talked about everything and anything here with you all.

And in the past few years, we’ve had countless readers reach out to us…confiding in fertility issues, miscarriages, adoption, postpartum depression, healing, sleep training and balancing work and family life.  We can’t even begin to explain how awesome it felt for them to trust us to share their stories and the help we have been able to provide. We could not be more grateful for this community.

Our true learning has not been about the blog process. It’s from being a momma and from each other and each and every one of you that we got here.

Over the years, we have built a solid foundation but we realized that we were ready for a fresh new start.

What does that mean for our content?  We want to focus on and promote an even healthier lifestyle for your entire family while continuing to share the most current tips and trends on parenting.  What does that mean for our website?  A brand new look and feel that we think you’ll love.  We are coming together stronger and more motivated than ever to provide the very best in every way for our readers.

And we hope this fresh start inspires you too. To all our moms out there who have a vision, we say go for it!  Here’s to a new beginning of Chai Mommas!


  • bhavya tripathi

    Great site! just wondering whether you have any meet-ups also planned as part of this? as a new mom i’d love to meet up with other moms to learn, share and generally hang out. any thing for us in bangalore?

    • Neesha

      Hey Bhavya,

      We actually don’t have any meet ups planned, we are based out of San Diego, CA but if you check the meet up site there may one one for a new mom meet up in your area.

  • Rakhi Pandya

    i want to join your group Chai momas as soon as possible email me at rakhishelat2001@yaho.com. If you need help with writing articles please let me know. I have a thre year daughter and I am stay at home writing a novel.

    • Neesha

      Hi Rakhi,

      Thank you for reaching out. We are accepting guest posts if you are interested at this time. Send an email to info@chaimommas.com with some of the work you have done and we can take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you!

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