how to fake a well rested face

So I just spent a few days recently with a bunch of girls to celebrate and honor my sister-in-law as she’s getting married.  We wanted to shower her with love and support for this new, exciting time in her life. Yay, ARTI!  We love you!


With months of planning and organizing, it was awesome to say that the celebration was a success and that all who were there had a fabulous time.  It was also tiring…months of planning between two of us (me + my other sister-in law) full-time working mommas in two different cities planning a weekend in yet a different city plus just the back to back days of hosting the weekends’ events.  We were exhausted before the weekend even started and as we were driving back home from all the fun, the real exhaustion really kicked in.

So let’s talk exhaustion.  Now good rest, hydration and a calm mental state always equals to a refreshed face and overall state.  But let’s be real….which one of us mommies really is feeling that these days.  I know I’m not.  Planning and packing for Arti’s weekend and knowing how exhausted I was to begin with…I knew I would have to fake a well rested face.  I came prepared with my proven arsenal of products that I often use to keep myself feeling bright and face looking rested.  I think all mommies can benefit from having this effective combination to create well rested, bright-eyed faced even when you are far from that on the inside.

products for faking a well rested face

Without question, first and foremost good sleep (7-8 hours) + lots of h2o is always the preferred way to achieve these results.  But for those of us who can’t see that combination anywhere in our near future or when any one us need an extra boost, this is a great way to achieve the look without it.  Also, these products are way easier to use…unlike all that crazy makeup tutorials out there (especially the contouring and highlighting that’s so popular—yikes!!!).

So here’s what I do to fake the fresh when I don’t get good rest.

Focus on the eyes + brighten/glowify the face.

Eyes first:


  1. Curl eyelashes – this instantly wakes up your face.  like instant.  i love the one by shu umera and this one by tweezerman.  extra tip: heat it slightly with your hair dryer.  it’s magic.  obsessed.
  2. Define eyebrows – i know a lot of women who don’t do this.  but do it.  again, it’s all about the eyes because that’s what people are drawn to and that’s what people who are looking at you are focused on.  I’m not all about all the gels, kits and products out there for eyebrows.  Instead, I like to draw them in with quick, short easy on the hands strokes using a pencil that has a very slim, thin tip.  This one by NYX is great and super cost-effective.  I think it’s better than the one by Giorgio Armani that had been using.
  3. Mascara – super important.  if there’s anything that you can’t miss…it’s this.  Make sure you get a formula that you love.  I love natural ones like this from 100% Organic for daily wear.  Love this one by Laura Mercier for daily wear and this one by Benefit for girls night or date night!  Curling eyelashes before hand is a great tip.  Curling eyelashes afterwards can often times lead to lash breakage.
  4. Nude eyeliner – my latest obsession. I got this one from Pixi after lots of research.  For awhile people have been using white eyeliner on their lower lash line to instantly brighten their eyes.  But nude is the better color option, for sure.  This is a game changer…totally works.  Don’t go too heavy-handed with it…but make sure to line the entire lower lash line.

Now face:


  1. Brightener/Concealer – So this stuff is not so much a concealer in my opinion but more like an all over brightener.  From Sephora itself…”TOUCHE ÉCLAT banishes shadows and tired-looking eyes by adding light and creating an instant lift to the eye area. TOUCHE ÉCLAT widens eyes when used between the eyebrows and along the sides of the nose, and creates fuller looking lips when used in the hollow of the chin and around the contour of the lips. It’s formulated for all skin types and for anyone who wants instant radiance, luminosity, and lift.”   This is a really good product…so easy to use because it’s essentially a pen so you have a lot of control.
  2. Blush – Don’t miss this step either!!  A beautiful coral or berry is so pretty to brighten your face and detract from other areas that are looking dull.  A good lipgloss or lipstick is really another great way to shift the focus and create a prettier brighter look.  I sometimes skip out on a colored lip but never miss blush.  Laura Mercier makes great, pigmented ones that last all day as does NARS.
  3. Face hydrator/make up setter – Ok you guys…this Pixi Glow Mist is a ridiculous – in a great way -product for us tired mommas!  It’s like perfection in a bottle…the ingredient list is great. I spray it on after I apply my makeup as a setting mist especially if I’m wearing matte.  It leaves my face beautifully glowy but not oily and definitely not greasy.  And it completely takes away that sometimes tight, rigid feeling that foundation or powder often leaves behind. I spray it also whenever my face it feeling dry and needs instant hydration and brightening.  It’s magic!!

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