kids inherit intelligence from their mommas

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Okay so I know, you shouldn’t read and believe everything on the internet. But the recent viral study published in Psychology Spot says kids who inherit their intelligence from their mommas is one I totally jive with. Makes complete sense in our family…haha…jk hubby…sort of 😉

So the next time someone comments on how smart your kid is…mommas, go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

Science has told you to.

The study says that the genes that carry intelligence are located on the X chromosomes. And since women carry two, it’s more likely that children get their brain power from their mom as opposed to dad.

And while it is estimated that between 40-60% of intelligence is hereditary, this is a big finding, (the remaining percentage depends on environment, stimulation and personal characteristics).

But while some dads may brush this off, the study says it’s actually extremely unlikely that their intellect has any impact on their kiddos.

“If that same gene is inherited from the father, it is deactivated,” the study reported.

But not all hope is lost for fathers, since other genes work the opposite, and are activated only if they come from the father.

And as the study implies, perhaps it is about time men finally begin to re-evaluate the intelligence of women.

More details of the in depth study and research can be found here.

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