Jenn Boyd

Just Be Brave

Our second feature mom for our cancer awareness week is survivor, Jennifer Boyd.

We feel honored to learn about Jennifer’s story and her nonprofit foundation, Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to help other mothers who were once in her shoes. Please check out some of the beautiful offerings by some amazing women and now friends of ours, who collaborated with us to donate proceeds from their sales to Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation, (check out the bottom of this post for more information).

Jenn Boyd

Words by Jennifer Boyd

“Just Be Brave” is my personal mantra that describes who I am to the 10th degree. I’m a business owner, CEO of a non-profit organization called Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation (MAMCF), and a single mother of two young boys. People ask how I do it all and I honestly don’t know how? I do what needs to be done and bravely make decisions that define how I want to live my life. I choose to live a purposeful life, helping mothers battling cancer who raise minor children. I chose to start my own healthcare revenue cycle management company called Prosperity MD, where I help Specialists and Surgeons realize their full earning potential in the Affordable Care era.  I have made sacrifices and difficult decisions in my life, in order to mold my future and fix my past. With no regrets, I can look back knowing I leaped and took major steps to make this world a better place, one mother at a time, one doctor at a time.

Four years after starting MAMCF, a 501(c)(3) charity that helps moms battling life threatening cancer, I was ironically diagnosed with cervical cancer. I underwent elective surgery to eventually become cancer free. In August 2017, I shared my journey with the public and it made me a better CEO because it gave me a much deeper understanding of what our MAMCF beneficiaries endure. I have gone through so many difficult life situations, but in the end, I made every single downfall an opportunity of growth and self-development. Through these experiences, I realize that I AM brave!

Next month, I will be recognized for my community efforts alongside Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, at the Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) Gala. I’m humbled and honored to be recognized for my work.  To date, I have been featured on CBS News, KTLA TV, KCAL TV KIIS FM, KOST 103.5, Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, and on numerous online articles, blogs and features. However, my greatest achievement in life is seeing my two young boys pick up two important lessons from me: helping others and to JUST BE BRAVE.

Jenn with kids

Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation is a trusted charitable organization whose mission is to support mothers with cancer who raise minor children so no family fights alone. More info and ways to donate here. We are honored to feature these beautiful collaborations to aid Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation help mommas who need it.

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