Black-owned businesses South Asian womxn will love

Black-Owned Businesses South Asian Womxn Will Love

This year has been a large load on a lot of us, but one aspect that came to light this year was how we, as South Asian womxn, can support and elevate the Black community. The events surrounding George Floyd, Breonna Taylor earlier this year, and all the numerous lives unjustly lost over decades and decades of oppression have broken our hearts. We stood in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters back in June for Black Lives Matter and it is our job to continue doing our parts. Have conversations in your home, read books to your children with diverse characters and stories, shift the mindsets of your elders by speaking truthfully and kindly about your point of view. These small shifts can start to create waves.

One way we’ve been able to support the Black community is by shopping at Black-owned businesses. With this in mind, we’ve put together an extensive list of Black-owned businesses which we know you’ll love.


Briogeo is 6-free hair care; meaning formulas are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, DEA and synthetic color. All products are 90 to 100 percent naturally derived and packaged in bottles that are both recycled and recyclable. Briogeo formulas are cruelty-free and mostly vegan and gluten free also. They have products for all hair types and concerns! We especially love their Mega Moisture Superfood Mask.

Pur Home Clean

PUR Home was created by Angela Richardson and Michelle Richardson. Angela is the CEO of PUR Home and is the formulator + product developer. She began her journey into eco-friendly living 6 years ago when she made her first ever natural bar of soap and has been obsessed ever since. Angela’s love for ingredients and their function in products is what drives her to create natural household and skincare products. Michelle Richardson is the CEO of Business Operations and has been in the cleaning industry for over a decade. Together, they both value sustainability, minimalism and maintain a commitment to educate consumers about how we can all be conscious in our efforts to reduce waste.

Homebody – Available at Nordstrom

The Homebody team is made up of wellness enthusiasts, artisan makers, bath addicts and clean self-care fanatics. Their blends are created with the emphasis on important things like effective pain management, high quality sun grown holistic herbs + food grade active ingredients. Every product they formulate is carefully handcrafted (small batch + made from scratch) and perfected with zero short-cuts or toxins, leaving only amazing results. Their main ingredients are based on the ancient principles of the past. 

54 Thrones 

A Southern-American childhood rooted with the cultural essence of Nigeria, Christina (founder), grew up experiencing the true and sacred beauty of Africa. Clean beauty originated in Africa, with beauty rituals initially created with intent to heal or celebrate. Plant botanicals like roots, herbs, oils and butters were first used to efficaciously treat ailments, maintain health or as part of ceremonious occasions like births and weddings. These same plant botanicals have powerful results when used as part of a beauty routine. Empowered by her Nigerian aunties who would indulge her with tubs of shea butter, Christina always held those memories close to her heart. She was moved by the ingenuity and innovation across the motherland and in 2016, 54 Thrones was born. The products are natural, authentic and thoughtful. They imagine how your skin will react to every ingredient before adding it to their formulas to ensure that the products are a totally decadent sensory experience. 

Femly Box

Arion Long started Femly after being diagnosed with a cervical tumor that was linked to chemicals in the popular period products that most women use. Their products are made of 100% cotton, ultra absorbent, comfortable, and good for you!

Black Girl Magic Wines

Black Girl Magic is more than a phrase. It’s a feeling. A look. A mood. A taste. The Black Girl Magic collection is an ode to culture and stories, inspired by the magic and resilience of Black women and to be enjoyed by all. These are premium wines that respect diverse palates and showcase the flavors of the finest single vineyards in California, so for us in Cali, it is also wonderful to support local. These are wines that SLAY.

Anita Grant

Anita Grant found herself in hospital after her hands had been blistered by a lotion that contained propylene glycol (propane-1,2-diol). This ingredient is used widely as an humectant in hair care products, car antifreeze, and is generally referred to as safe. With hands throbbing and a tingling scalp, her thoughts were clear, “No more off the shelf cosmetics, for me, ever!” The ingredients used in their products are purchased directly from farming communities, through partnerships built with fair trade and organic suppliers.  They give back to the global community and help budding entrepreneurs in the developing world. All their products are also cruelty-free, handmade to order, in the UK.

Nerolagé Body Oil - Anita Grant
Monoi Anti-Breakage Conditioning Shampoo (Sulfate Free) - Anita Grant
Aloe Vera Gel - Anita Grant

The Spice Suite

Angel is a mommy, home cook, activist and educator with a knack for blurring the line between food and fashion. In 2015, she walked by a vacant store front with no plan or desire to be a small business owner and decided on the spot to turn it into a spice shop. That spice shop has become a dream incubator and haven. Angel was in Top 40 of MasterChef’s Season 8 and brings us gourmet, exotic and tantalizing spices, infused oils and other culinary delights in a hip, quaint and comfortable, atmosphere. The aesthetics and energy at The Spice Suite mirror Angel’s home—​ welcoming, engaging and fun!

Beneath Your Mask

Beneath Your Mask was created as a skin, body, and hair rejuvenation line designed to restore, repair, and reverse the toxic effects of environmental hazards, health challenges, stress, and the damage done from countless other unforgiving aspects of our lifestyles. On a quest to find the absolute best products that didn’t compromise on ANY level, Beneath Your Mask was created.


After enduring severe abdominal pain from her teenage years into adulthood, Tia was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2006. Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the womb. Far from uncommon, this condition affects more than 6.5 million women in the United States alone, causing debilitating symptoms that include pelvic pain, cramping and infertility. Through Tia’s health transformation, she realized that ultimately you are the answer to your own well-being. No one will do it for you and it starts with YOU. Tia wants to empower other women to make a change, especially those who feel underserved and overlooked in the marketplace. Empowering other women to take the first steps to the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves was the inspiration for Tia to partner with one of the leading supplement companies in the market and co-found a new line of vitamins: Anser. Through Anser, Tia wants to show the world how owning your health can be a permanent solution to feeling whole.


Golde is on a mission to make wellness easy, accessible and fun for all. To them, self-care means feeling like your best self. They believe that being well should feel good. That means products that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, not the other way around. Their products are a celebration of superfoods to effortlessly boost your daily routine, from morning smoothies to skincare. You can count on them for formulas that are 100% natural and vegan-friendly, with superfood ingredients you can recognize and trust.

Mented Cosmetics

One night over a glass of pinot, founders Amanda and KJ sat down and asked themselves why it was so hard to find the perfect nude lipstick. That conversation sparked an idea, and that idea became the brand they are building today. They created Mented Cosmetics because they believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty, no matter her skin tone. Because when it comes to beauty, no one deserves to be an afterthought. From their original nude lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes to blushes, each makeup product is perfectly pigMented to match your skin tones. They want all women, from light to tan to dark skin tones, to feel like they have makeup that actually works for their complexions, so they’ve created the shades to help accomplish that. 

Harlem Candle Company

The Harlem Candle Company is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by the richness of Harlem. Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem. Each candle is specially handcrafted using a soy vegetable wax blend, infused with one of a kind fragrance oils and tells a story while taking you on an olfactory journey.  The subtle scents and soft glow from Harlem candles instantly enhance your space while creating a sense of comfort and luxury.

Propa Beauty

Makeup is powerful and its about time its marketed as an arsenal which goes beyond just getting cute. Propa Beauty wants women to look their best on the outside, but also to feel their best on the inside. Over the last couple years, they have been painstakingly mixing pigments and formulas that have our skin tones at the center stage of beauty innovations. Never again will we have to say, “if only this shade was just a tiny bit darker, a tiny bit warmer or a tiny bit redder, then it would be perfect for me.” They want to make sure that you feel like these shades and colors were made with your skin tone in mind.

Dear Sunday Co

The vision for Dear Sunday Co came about in 2018. Sunday is one of the founders favorite days and there have been so many significant events in their life that have happened on a Sunday. For them, Sundays are for love, self care, relaxing, and ultimately feeling good about yourself and the week ahead. Their collection is for women and men alike. If you’re into relaxing and creating a space of love and gratitude, this line is for you. Their candles are made of 100% natural soy wax and the vessels are also recyclable and can be upcycled. Love love that.

Lion X Wellness 

For those who believe living a balanced lifestyle starts from within, Lion X exists to deliver a portfolio of wellness and CBD products and services. Their goal is for you to embrace your inner lion. They carry a variety of CBD products, both ingestible and topical.

Melanin Haircare

Melanin Haircare was founded in 2015 by 2 sisters, Whitney and Taffeta. Melanin Haircare is rooted in passion for natural haircare, healthy scalp care, natural and safe ingredients, as well as high quality products. All of their ingredients are both all natural + safe-synthetic, and have been evaluated against the EWG to ensure that they are non toxic. 


Founder Myleik  “went natural” more than 15 years ago and remembers driving 20 miles to buy an expensive product that she read “worked on everyone.” She tried using that product several times, several ways only to find out it didn’t work for her. She started curlBOX as a means to save us the drive and the money. curlBOX gives women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one!

Nude Barre

Nude Barre originated from the owner, Erin Carpenter, who was frustrated with dance uniforms and the lack of nude undergarments such as tights that didn’t work for brown skin tones. As a result of this, many women, of all races, were left feeling uncomfortable and unprepared to perform so Erin turned frustration into a solution in 2009.

The Wrap Life

The wrap life has Wraps, Bandies and, Turbanettes that are loved for their comfort, quality, and variety of vibrant colors. They hope to inspire and empower you on your journey of self-discovery. 

Chicago French Press

Chicago French Press (CFP) is an online coffee destination aimed to connect java drinkers to quality, healthier coffee options and vital philanthropic endeavors for them to support. Freshly roasted in the Windy City, CFP delivers premium certified organic, fair-trade and non-GMO coffee to coffee lovers nationwide. CFP is “grinding for a cause” in which 5% of the proceeds from each bag sold directly supports select 501(c)3 organizations.

CFP offers a variety of fun and unique coffee selections such as Original Blend, Maple Pecan, Chocolate Blueberry, Peach Nectar Coconut Crème, Pina Colada, and Lemon Brûlée – all flavored by hand and locally roasted in small batches.


Thrilling is an online marketplace of curated vintage and secondhand items from the best boutiques across the United States. They currently host over 150 stores in more than 30 cities. Every single item is sold and shipped directly from the boutique itself. They created this platform to share our love of vintage shopping with more people around the world – the joy of finding one of a kind, truly unique pieces at every price point and every size.

The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot Co. was created because the founder was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn’t get relief. Then came the first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects, and balances your vagina. This line is powered by herbs, made by women, and 100% natural.


Shine on a mission to make caring for your mental and emotional health easier, more representative, and more inclusive—of all of our experiences. The founders started Shine because they didn’t see themselves—a Black woman and a half-Japanese woman—and their experiences represented in mainstream “wellness.” Their bodies, their skin color, their financial access, their past traumas—it all often felt otherized. They want to help more people cope, process, and heal on a daily basis in a way that worked for them. That’s what they hope Shine does for you. They hope it’s your inclusive self-care toolkit to help you deal with the day-to-day highs and lows, and, with time, find healing that will last you a lifetime. 

SiVi Tidy Co. is a Black-owned, Florida-based vegan cleaning company. A percent of every purchase goes to charity.

Suite Eleven

Suite Eleven is a luxury nail care brand that offers vibrant, non-toxic and affordable options for beauty enthusiasts everywhere. 

East Coast West Coast
Jupiter & Mars

Mischo Beauty

Mischo Beauty is a pioneer of clean luxury, offering award-winning, richly hued and high performance nail lacquers. They are committed to do no harm as they innovate across the beauty landscape.

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