South Asian Women Inspired Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

We just couldn’t let one of our favorite holidays go by without sharing some gift inspiration…for all the mommas in your life and for you too!! Recently, we asked you all to give us your favorite small businesses so we could give some much-deserved love to all the wonderful beautiful South Asian women creating within our community. You guys came through and we are proud to deliver our South Asian Women Inspired Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021 packed with recommendations that are from YOU…our amazing followers. A lot of these have been tried by our Chai Mommas team and many are new to us. But we feel like each of these brands has something amazing for ALL the mommas! Many of the brands have kindly offered a promo code – tap the pictures to see some products we absolutely love and to head directly to their shops or Instagram pages. (Please note that promo codes are subject to expiration at the discretion of the brand. Please contact the brand directly if there are any questions.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

xo, Chai Mommas

South Asian Women Inspired Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Home Decor

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Custom resin art (@bome.official) Coupon Code CM20

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Luxury home decor (@arjunadesignstudio) Coupon Code CHAIMOM10

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Custom Henna Gift (@nehaassar) Coupon Code CHAIMOMMAS20

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Indo-chic home decor (@allthingsartistic) Coupon Code CM10

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Eco-friendly kitchen tools (@roopliving) Coupon Code CHAIMOMMAS10

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Styling the perfect space with art (@decor.n.designz)

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Empowers artisans with disabilities (@colorful_minds_art)

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Custom Home Decor (@homeboundcustomdecor) Coupon Code CHAIMOMMA

Fragrant South Asian Blend (@scrumptiouswicks) Coupon Code Chai15

Greeting cards & gifts (@pyarful) Coupon Code ChaiMommas10

Mother's Day Gift Guide

South Asian inspired greeting card ( Coupon Code MAMADAY

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Desi Digitial Art (@dewyapricot) Coupon Code CHAIMOMMAS10


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ayurveda Inspired Artisanal Chocolates (@elementstruffles) and pictured here, Chai Spiced Energy Bites made by @astoryofspices Coupon Code CHAIMOMMAS15

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Sustainable + Ethically Sourced Chai (@thechaibox) Coupon Code Chaimommas10

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Regional Indian cuisine & specialty sweets (@tagmo) Coupon Code WELOVEMOM

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Expertly crafted luxury chocolates (@cacaoandcardamom) Coupon Code Chai10

Health and Wellness

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Specialized physiotherapy (@healthwithgrit) Coupon Code CHAI20

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach (@thrivehigherdaily) Coupon Code Chaimomma

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mama Coach (@tejalvpatel) Coupon Code CHAIMOMMA

Pediatric Sleep Expert (@neemaapatel) Refer Chai Mommas for upgrade

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula and Coach (@masala.mommy) Coupon Code CHAIMOMMAS10

Personal Coach (@awarifycoaching) Coupon Code ChaiMommas

Senior Pediatric Sleep Consultant (@weesleep_diana) Coupon Code CHAIMAMAS15 for Rescue Me Virtual Package or Higher. Expires May 17, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (@themethodbytanya)

Holistic Health Coach (@mishavayner)

Beauty and Skin Care

Vegan, cruelty-free makeup (

Clean, vegan cruelty-free skincare (@luvanyabeauty) Coupon Code LUVCHAI25

100% natural, certified organic skincare (@mambinoorganicsskincare) Coupon Code ChaiMomma20

Ayurvedic skincare products (@somaayurvedic) Coupon Code CMSOMA

Luxury Ayurvedic facial and body massage tools (@kansaorganics) Coupon Code Chaimommas


Custom hand painted sweats (@denimrush) Coupon Code chaimommas12

Desi fashion glam vibes (@desiglamboutique)

Fun Desi apparel (@reignfull_) Coupon Code ChaiMommas10

Contemporary clothing for South Asian women (@julkeefashion) Coupon Code MomsRule20

Loungewear brand on a mission to inspire all women to #LoungeLikeAGoddess (@pajamasutra) Coupon Code CHAI

Clothing brand born in Brooklyn and made in Pakistan (@chamaksociety)

South Asian inspired fashion label (@holichicbymegha) Coupon Code CHAI10

Fashion line creating a movement for all women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds (@banditqueenbrand) Coupon Code AMBITION

Fashion inspired by South Asian heritage fabrics (@shopbhav) Coupon Code CM30

South Asian woman-owned fitness gear (@kp.fitstyle) Coupon Code BEKIND

Jewelry and Accessories

South Asian jewelry (@banglez_jewelry)

South Asian jewelry subscription box (@johribox) Coupon Code MOMMASDAY2021

Taarimaa Collection ( + @taarimaa)

Monthly jewelry subscription service (@theglamourjewelrybox)

Jewelry created with inspiring women ( Coupon Code CM10

Handmade washable and reusable masks (@shantimasks)

Jewelry inspired by art and architecture, ethically made ( Coupon Code MOM10


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