mother’s day advice from our very own mommas

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and at first we were thinking of sharing lists of gifts we wanted.  But really, there is no material object in the world that is more important than what we’ve learned from our own mothers.  We can all agree that has been the biggest gift for each us – the lessons that have been passed down to us from these loving, generous, kind individuals.  And with that in mind, today we aren’t sharing what we want or think we need. Instead, we have pulled together one simple piece of advice that our own moms shared with us when we asked them what would you tell us to remember as we continue to take the journey into motherhood?

We hope that each of you mothers out there gets just a little extra love and TLC this weekend and especially tomorrow.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Chai Mommas


Spend time with your children and teach them true values such as honesty, kindness to others, integrity and promote positive energy but also make sure to take care of yourself.



The best advice I can give on raising your kids is if you want to instill certain values that you wish for them to carry on to adulthood, do not simply preach, you must show them in your own actions, words and thoughts. And the one thing you cannot ever preach to your children is on who you want them to be, they will be who they are, love them fully for just that.



Remember to accept your children for who they are…you are a mother so your love is unconditional forever no matter what they say or how they act.  You already know that being a mother is hard work but the most incredible job in the world.  But in the process of doing so much for your children, remember also to love yourself…be kind to yourself…take time for yourself.  Balance is key everything and especially in motherhood.



One piece of advice I would give to my daughter for her motherhood journey would be,  that you know your child the best, you know when your child is coming down with something, you know when they are hungry and tired.  Do not doubt yourself because your instincts are correct! Teach them good things, things that they can carry on for the rest of their lives.

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