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When my family and I go on vacations, especially for more than 2 days we always look for alternatives to hotels.  Mind you not, hotels are great to stay at, but sometimes it is hard with a family of four or more.  It can get pretty snug and cramp in hotel rooms. So I was going through my parent magazines and came across this article on how to find alternative stays other than hotels, stays that have a full kitchen, multiple rooms, pool and garden.  Now who would not want that on their vacation?

So there is this great app and site that you can find all of this information in just a few clicks. The website is: www.airbnb.com or you can use their app airbnb. Every time I have traveled to New York, rooms are always pricey, but why not rent an apartment or home for your vacation and plus save on food, by having the convenience of a kitchen….  This site/app is great for pretty much anywhere in the world!! You can stay at a place with a roommate or you can stay at a place by yourself or your family.  When your search results come up for your destination it gives you the options of roommate’s or not.  I personally would want a home or place to myself and my family, not sure if I would want to share, but like I said you have those options and its awesome.

Here’s a screen shot of the site, it is very user friendly and gives you many options on prices and locations!

Another great thing about this site is that you can add your rental property or home on their site for free so you can advertise or rent your place (if you ever do that).  The prices are very reasonable, to tell you the truth cheaper than hotels and plus you get a bonus of a full on HOME, you definitely cannot go wrong!  I cannot wait to use this site for our next vacation.  I am so excited to plan!

P.S check out this video on www.airbnb.com for more details and how it works!


What sites do you use for planning your family vacations?




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