creating birthday traditions

So my little guy turns one in just a few days and I look back at the year and it’s almost a blur.  Such a learning experience for us first time parents in so many ways…a few downs but many more ups.  When my husband and I were thinking of how to celebrate that we all made it through this first year…we knew we wanted to make it as special for him as possible.  Parties, cake and balloons are all great but we wanted to create some special family traditions that hopefully Jai will appreciate once he’s older.

Here are two traditions that we established and hope to continue for as long as we can.  It’s never too late to start your own traditions or incorporate these into the ones you may already be doing with your family.  The things that really matter in the end are not the most expensive gifts or most lavish party.  The memories, pictures, letters…those are the timeless things that will mean the most.

Do you have any birthday traditions?  Share what you’re doing to make birthdays special with your family.


Birthday Letter

Both my husband and I wrote letters to Jai and plan to do so for each birthday (and other important days in his life).  We decided that for now we’d just read the letters to him and then put them in a special box so that he can read them later when he’s able to.  I think this is a neat idea to incorporate with any other gift giving but what’s so special about the letters is that they are timeless, and something that he can treasure even when he’s all grown up.  In my letter, I went over the past year, the things that he’s doing, his personality, favorite books currently and just some special moments that we’ve shared together.  I think he’ll enjoy reading these letters himself one day and maybe if he has his own kids someday, he’ll be able to share with them too.


Family Photo Shoot

I think this is a fantastic idea to capture what your child is like at every age.  We decided that we’d definitely do a family photo shoot around his birthday every year.  We just did one today and it was awesome to snap pictures of Jai at this very moment in time…as an (almost) one year old.  To capture him around the same time each year to see just how he’s grown…we’re really excited about this idea.  I’m incredibly anxious to see the pictures of my big boy this year and then compare to next year’s!  Stay tuned for my post on tips to create a fun, family photo shoot…it’s coming soon!




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