top 10 fears women have before delivering a baby

top 10 delivery fears

  • How in the world can I push a 6 plus pound baby out of that small hole? Don’t worry moms, it’s all a part of nature and one way or another that baby is coming out.  The adrenaline you will get when it is time to push is unexplainable, you won’t care how hard you have to push or how long because you are going to have the most amazing gift come out of that small hole


  • What if I tear, will I ever get back to normal? Tearing is very normal and your body will heal itself.  You will go through a phase where you want your lady parts to shut off, at least I did!  I wanted nothing to come near me after 30 hours of labor!
  • I absolutely do not want a c-section whats-so-ever: I went in with this mentality and was very happy my team of nurses kept me motivated for 30 hours.  However moms remember, if there is a medical reason you need to get a c-section, do it.  It is what is best for both you and your child.  I know it’s hard when things don’t go as planned but focus on your outcome, something you created and carried for 9 months is now something you can hold in your arms forever.


  • What if I have a bowel movement during labor, I won’t be able to look my doctor in the eye:  This was definitely one of my fears but let me tell you, there is so much going on when it is time to push in that labor room, you won’t even realize it if you did have a bowel movement.  Fortunately I did not have to go through this, but I have heard stories of other moms that have and they have told me at that point you won’t even care.  If your husband has comments about it, tell him to get on that bed and push out a 6 plus pound kid 🙂


  • I want an epidural stat:  When you should get the epidural is totally up to you and your doctor.  If they think you are progressing very fast then go for it.


  • What if I don’t make it to the hospital in time?  Stay calm about this and make sure you really understand how to count timing between contractions.  Make sure your hospital bag is ready to go and you already have a plan for your other children if you have more than one.  Make sure you have a quick way of getting hold of whoever will be taking you to the hospital.


  • What if I throw up during delivery?  Umm from what is going down in your lady parts area, throwing up is probably the most normal thing that will happen to you!  I threw up the entire time but now that I look back don’t even remember half of it.  If you are a neat freak, keep scope with you!


  • How am I going to know what to do with the baby when it comes out?  You are in a hospital so your caregiver will walk you through everything.  However make sure you let them know if you want to nurse the baby right away or anything else that is important to you before the pushing starts.


  • Will they really follow my birth plan?  No they won’t because in labor you never know what is going to happen.  It is good to have one and try to stick with the plan as much as possible but remind yourself if you or the baby are in danger it is okay to do something you didn’t plan to do.  Keep your mind on the baby’s health rather than what your plan was.  This is way harder said than done!


  • Are my lady parts going to work properly after pushing that baby out YES!  All your parts will go back to normal after their heal.  You and your significant other will be closer than ever after what they see in that delivery’s a no boundaries zone in that delivery room!


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